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self-driving;parallel control;AI

Researchers Build a Self-Driving Parallel Testing System[May 13, 2019]

Researchers from the Institute of Automation, Tsinghua University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University built a new self-driven closed-loop parallel testing system. The system focuses on implementing more challenging tests to accelerate the building and testing of autonomous vehicles.

long pulse;ultra-intense laser;short laser;multipass stretcher;Martinez stretcher;regenerative amplifier

Long Pulse Width Uplifts Ultra-intense Lasers to a Higher Level[May 09, 2019]

One recent study conducted by a research team from State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, demonstrated a novel multipass stretcher, which combines the structures of a Martinez stretcher and a regenerative amplifier.

precipitation;temperature;Mann-Kendall;influence factor;mountain;oasis

Change Characteristics of Precipitation and Temperature in Northwestern China Revealed[May 14, 2019]

Recently, a research group led by Prof. CHEN Rensheng from Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources (NIEER) analyzed the annual and seasonal variability in precipitation and temperature during 1960-2016 using monthly data from 25 national meteorological stations in the Qilian Mountains.

satellite; PSAC;remote sensing;atmospheric multi-spectral

Scientists Develop Polarized Scanning Atmospheric Corrector Identification Product[May 14, 2019]

According to Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, their scientists have developed Polarized Scanning Atmospheric Corrector (or PSAC) Identification Product for HJ-2 A/B Satellite. And the new product passed its delivery and acceptance review in Hefei city in this April.

TRPV1;Dh;mammalian evolution;

Scientists Reveal Molecular Basis for Heat Desensitization of TRPV1 Ion Channels[May 14, 2019]

Recently, scientists from Kunming Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and the University of California, Davis, reported the molecular basis for Dh of mammalian TRPV1, and showed the biological significance of Dh by using transgenic mice.

Chikungunya virus;CHIKV;MXRA8;alphavirus;envelope protein

Scientists Uncover Entry Mechanism of Chikungunya Virus[May 14, 2019]

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the collaborators revealed how Chikungunya virus binds its receptor on human cells through structural biology and virology methods. The finding will be helpful for the development of countermeasures against these viruses and the understanding of the viral entry into the cells.


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