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intestine stem cell;mosaic stem;epithelium;Notch;

Notch Positive Feedback Loop Regulates Intestine Stem Cell Self-renewal[May 18, 2017]

Epithelium regeneration requires fast-cycling adult intestine stem cells (ISCs) which reside at the base of crypts and form a mosaic stem pattern adjacent lysozyme-secreting Paneth cells. Prof. BU Pengcheng's lab at Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other researchers found that Notch forms a positive feedback loop in ISCs to regulate ISCs self-renewal and maintain the mosaic stem cell/niche pattern.

diabetic nephropathy;glomerulus-on-a-chip;microdevice;diabetes

DICP Researchers Establish a Disease Model of DN in a Glomerulus-on-a-chip Microdevice[May 22, 2017]

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics microfluidic research group led by Prof. QIN Jianhua has made a progress on the establishment of a functional glomerulus-on-a-chip microdevicefor mimicking a disease model of DN in vitro.

HMEJ;homology-mediated;CRISPR/Cas9;RNA target

Homology-Mediated End Joining-Based Strategy Shows Robust DNA Targeted Integration Efficiency in Vitro and in Vivo[May 22, 2017]

A recent study conducted by Dr. YANG Hui's Lab in collaboration with colleagues at the Institute of Neuroscience of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) demonstrated that homology-mediated end joining (HMEJ)-based strategy can induce robust and efficient DNA targeted integration using CRISPR/Cas9.

Roxarsone;roxarsone;molecular imprinting;organic material

Molecular Imprinting Help to Recognize Roxarsone and Its Derivatives[May 19, 2017]

A research group led by Prof. ZHANG Yagang at Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry (XTIPC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences designed and synthesized a new class of functional organic materials for selective recognition and adsorption of roxarsone and its derivatives via molecular imprinting.

brown rat;speciation timing;introgression; Himalayan field rat;chemosensory communications

Scientists Find Speciation Timing and Introgression Between the Brown Rats and Its Sibling Species[May 22, 2017]

Recently, a study led by Prof. ZHANG Jianxu from the Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Prof. SUN Zhongsheng and ZHAO Fangqing from Beijing Institutes of Life Science of CAS, reveals the speciation timing and introgression between the brown rat and its sibling species, the Himalayan field rat.


Discovery: a "Double-brake" Like Neurochemical Mechanism Underlying Locust Swarming[May 11, 2017]

Recently, a novel study reported by Kang's Group from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, reveals an "double-brake" like neural and molecular mechanism underlying locust swarming behavior.


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