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crystalline solid;crystal;amorphous solid;

Are Amorphous Solids Elastic or Plastic?[Dec 11, 2018]

Recently, Dr. JIN Yuliang from Institute of Theoretical Physics showed that the standard picture of elasticity breaks down in amorphous solids. Even though the macroscopic properties, such as stress and strain, are reversible upon releasing a small deformation, the microscopic configurations can be irreversible.

salmon;ocean;red tide;HAB

China's "Magic Soil" Technology to Save Salmons in Chile[Dec 11, 2018]

With 27 tons of "magic soil", modified clays developed by Chinese scientists, being stored in Chile, salmons there will enjoy their "summer vacation" of southern hemisphere without fear of toxic red tide, one kind of harmful algal blooms (HABs). The red tide caused economic losses of 100 million U.S. dollars in Chile's aquaculture industry from the end of 2015 to the early of 2016.

graphene;micro-supercapacitor;screen print;ultrahigh voltage;integration

Ultrahigh-Voltage Integrated Micro-Supercapacitors with Designable Shapes and Superior Flexibility Developed[Dec 10, 2018]

Scientists from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and the Institute of Metal Research developed rapid and scalable fabrication of ultrahigh-voltage integrated micro-supercapacitors (IMSCs) with designable shapes and superior flexibility. And this work exhibits great potential for scalable fabrication and integration of other planar energy storage devices, such as hybrid capacitors and batteries.


NTSC Realizes High-precision Test Evaluation of GNSS Satellite Navigation Signals[Dec 11, 2018]

The National Time Service Center realizes high-precision test evaluation of GNSS satellite navigation signals by using the international initiative special evaluation system, which covers the spatial signals of the new navigation signal system of major satellite navigation systems such as BDS and GPS.

geomitric phase effect;phase;reaction

Chinese Scientists Get First Look at Geometric Phase Effect in a Chemical Reaction[Dec 14, 2018]

Researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics carried out a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the H+HD→H2+D reaction. They got first look at geometric phase effect in a chemical reaction.

Love wave;methane;sensing;room temperature

New Love Wave-Based Device for Sensing Methane Gas Shows High Sensitivity[Dec 10, 2018]

Prof. WANG Wen and his colleagues from the Institute of Acoustics proposed a new Love wave-based methane gas sensor incorporating Cryptophane-A (CrypA) thin-film, which is composed of a differential oscillation structure and a sensitive CrypA thin-film coated along the wave propagation path of the sensing device surface.


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