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ABA;drought stress;oryza sativa L;OsDSSR1;small signaling peptide

Scientists Find Novel Small Signaling Peptide to Enhance Drought Tolerance in Rice[Apr 17, 2018]

In order to improve drought tolerance in agricultural crops, scientists from the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture selected OsDSSR1 (O. sativa drought and salt stress response-1) for functional analysis in the abiotic stress response of rice.

atmosphere-ocean interaction;atmospheric circulation;ENSO;teleconnection

How Can Eurasian Atmospheric Circulation Anomalies Persist from Winter to the Following Spring?[Apr 16, 2018]

Using observational data and atmospheric model simulation, scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics reported that the dominant mode of winter Eurasian 500-hPa geopotential height anomalies could maintain to the following spring. They also found that the connection between the Eurasian winter and spring atmospheric circulation anomalies was only significant after the early-1990s.

tumor catalytic therapy;nanozyme;reactive oxygen species

A Tumor Catalytic Therapy Discovered Using Nanozymes[Apr 16, 2018]

Enzyme mimics or artificial enzymes have been developed using chemical synthesis. Recently, scientists from Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yangzhou University reported a novel tumor catalytic therapy using nanozymes which convert O2 and H2O2 to toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) for tumor destruction.

CREBZF;de novo lipogenesis;Insig-2a;insulin signaling;lipogenic gene;Insig;insulin

Scientists Identify a Novel Transcriptional Regulator of Lipogenic Pathway[Apr 13, 2018]

In a study published in Hepatology, Prof. LI Yu's team at Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences demonstrated a novel activating transcription factor/cAMP responsive element binding (ATF/CREB) family transcription cofactor, called CREB/ATF bZIP transcription factor (CREBZF), which senses insulin signaling and stimulates expression of lipogenic genes.

speech;dereverberation;single channel;guided spectrogram filtering

Novel Single Channel Speech Dereverberation Method Using Guided Spectrogram Filtering Developed[Apr 16, 2018]

By comparing a speech spectrogram into an image, ZHENG Chengshi and his colleagues from the Institute of Acoustics proposed a novel single channel speech dereverberation method using guided spectrogram filtering. This can significantly improve speech quality with less computational cost.

telomerase;tumor;spherical nucleic acids;optical imaging contrast agent;cancer diagnosis;surgery navigation

Scientists Find an Ideal Optical Imaging Contrast Agent for Cancer Diagnosis and Precise Surgical Navigation[Apr 13, 2018]

Prof. ZHANG Zhongping's research group from Institute of Intelligent Machines, developed a spherical nucleic acid beacon (SNAB) probe, and made a breakthrough in the field of cancer diagnosis and precise surgical navigation based on the molecular phenotype of telomerase activity.


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