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nrth seker;instrument;measurement;eveling;

Scientists Develop the First All-attitude Gyro North Seeker in China[Oct 19, 2018]

With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation, Dr. WANG Dazhi at the General Laboratory of Micro-electronics Equipment of Institute of Optics and Electronics (IOE) has successfully developed the first all-attitude Gyro North Seeker in China.

goat;mammal;maternal feed intake;epigenitic change

Can Maternal Feed Intake Restriction Alter Epigenetic Changes in Foetal Goats?[Oct 19, 2018]

Researchers from the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, in collaboration with researchers in Hunan Institute of Animal and Veterinary Science, investigated the effects of maternal feed intake restriction during pregnancy on the expression of growth regulation, imprinting and epigenetic transcription-related genes in foetal goats.

pose estimation;optoelectronic precision;accuracy;machine vision;rotation parameter;PnP;rotation

Scientists Made Progress in High-accuracy Vision Pose Estimation Technology[Oct 19, 2018]

The target pose (position and attitude) estimation based on vision is key research forefront direction in optoelectronic precision measurement technology, and plays an important role in space operation, industrial manufacture and robot navigation. Especially in the field of space, the accuracy of the target pose estimation is directly related to the success of the space mission. Dr. ZHAO Rujin's research team from Institute of Optics and Electronics proposed a high accuracy method for pose estimation based on rotation parameters.

antibiotic resistance genes;bacterioplankton;community ecology;free-living bacteria;particle-attached bacteria

Scientists Reveal the Impact of Reservoir Cyanobacterial Bloom on Antibiotic Resistome[Oct 19, 2018]

The research group led by Prof. YANG Jun from Institute of Urban Environment has investigated the ARGs in both free-living (FL) and particle-attached (PA) bacteria under bloom and non-bloom conditions in a subtropical reservoir by employing high-throughput approaches.

summer rainfall;Yangtze River;prediction

Major Factors Affecting Summer Rainfall over Yangtze River Basin Experience Subseasonal Change[Oct 19, 2018]

A recent study conducted by Dr. LI Xinyu and Prof. LU Riyu from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics indicated that the WNP-YRB rainfall relationship experienced a subseasonal change. Specifically, the relationship was strong during early summer (the mei-yu period) but much weaker after the mei-yu period.

rice phloem sap;electrochemistry;food safety

Better Detection Technology may Help to Ensure Food Safety[Oct 18, 2018]

Heavy metal ions, or HMIs in soil could be absorbed by the roots of rice plants, as well as could be transported by the rice phloem sap to the seed and then be accumulated in rice. The phloem is not only the passageway of nutrients, but also the passageway of HMIs. For food safety, it’s crucial to evaluate HMIs in rice phloem sap so that to study the migration, accumulation of HMIs in rice plants.


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