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woody plant;wood decomposition;fungus;bark;woody debris

Research Reveals How Bark Types Affect Wood Decomposition[Apr 18, 2018]

In the recent research, scientists from Kunming Institute of Botany looked at the role played by different bark traits in the decomposition of 15 woody plant species,and described how interspecific variations in bark affect decomposition of the wood inside it.

advanced oxidation processes;AOPs;non-thermal plasma;dielectric barrier discharge;pollutant;water

Non-thermal Plasma Technology Betters the Way to Remove Pollutants from Water[Apr 18, 2018]

Recently, a research group led by Prof. HUANG Qing in Institute of Technical Biology & Agriculture Engineering elucidated the mechanism and pathways for degradation of chlorinated phenols by non-thermal plasma, and they tried to develop more effective technology for chlorophenols treatment.

AIGaN;Si substrate;near-ultraviolet;Si;laser;defect

Chinese Researchers Produce Electrically Injected Near Ultraviolet Laser with AlGaN on Si[Apr 18, 2018]

Chinese researchers succeeded in fabricating and demonstrating an electrically-injected near-ultraviolet laser using AlGaN on Si. They engineered an Al-composition step down-graded AlN over AlGaN multilayer buffer that was able to accommodate the enormous difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion between AlGaN template and Si substrate, and also decrease the threading dislocation density that the large lattice mismatch caused.

fern;Asplenium;diploid first approach;taxonomy;new species

Two New Fern Species Reported in China[Apr 18, 2018]

Researchers from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) employed a diploid first approach to identify the evolutionary units of diploid taxa that can be reliably recognized using morphological characters before addressing the complicated classification of tetraploid taxa.

climate change;carbon storage;carbon sequestration;ecosystem

Scientists Reveal Trends in Carbon Storage and Sequestration Across Chinese Ecosystems[Apr 18, 2018]

Led by Professor FANG Jingyun from the Institute of Botany, together with collaborators, the ecosystem carbon sequestration project team was set up, the team aims to quantify the magnitude and distribution of ecosystem carbon pools and sequestration in China's terrestrial ecosystems.

altered functional connectivity;schizotypy;facial emotion

Altered Functional Connectivity is Observed in Individuals with Negative Schizotypy During Facial Emotion Processing[Apr 18, 2018]

Drs. WANG Yi and Raymond Chan from the Neuropsychology and Applied Cognitive Neuroscience, together with their international collaborators, have conducted a study to examine the changes of individuals with high levels of negative schizotypal traits in both brain activity and functional connectivity during a facial emotion valence discrimination fMRI task.


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