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simvastatin;monacolin J;metabolic engineering;aspergillus terreus

Genetic Engineering Makes Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Greener[Jul 20, 2017]

A research team from Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology cooperated with Hisun Pharm, world's largest lovastatin/simvastatin producer, developed a single-step microbial production process for monacolin J by engineering of an industrial lovastatin-producing A. terreus strain.

water distribution pipe; pipe wall displacement; internal pressure; axisymmetric wave; sensor

Researchers Improve Leak Detection in Water Distribution Pipes through Structural and Fluid Motions Investigation at Low Frequencies[Jul 20, 2017]

Their investigation has provided a basis for further improvement of leak detection technologies in urban environments, which is one major challenge currently facing pipeline networks across the world.

phosphorene;graphene;micro-supercapacitors;ionic liquid;energy storage

One-Step Device Fabrication of Phosphorene and Graphene: Accelerates New-concept Energy Storage Systems[Jul 19, 2017]

The development of flexible display, wearable electronics and foldable phones have attracted more and more attentions. To date, it is not only a concept but also a real commercial product in the market. The development of these lightweight and flexible smart electronics urgently calls for the adaptive new-concept energy storage devices.

Adenia angulosa;East Africa;Passifloraceae;Shimba Hills;Eudicots

New Species of Adenia (Passifloraceae) Discovered in East Africa[Jul 19, 2017]

Supervised by Prof. WANG Qingfeng and Prof. HU Guangwan, Veronicah Mutele Ngumbau from Kenya and the research group from SAJOREC found a new species, and named it as Adenia angulosa G.W. Hu & Q.F. Wang.

leak detection;water pipe;cross-correlation function;time delay estimation;resonance

Acoustic Signals Improve Correlation-based Leak Detection Techniques Performance[Jul 19, 2017]

Researcher GAO Yan from the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences together with some researchers from China, Brazil and the UK have been investigating time delay estimation using the cross-correlation of leak noise signals in buried plastic water pipes. They present a procedure in which the shape of the cross-correlation function can be significantly improved, resulting in an unambiguous and clear estimate of the time delay.

hematopoietic stem cell;HSCs;ASXL2;epigenetic alternation

ASXL2 Plays a Critical Role in Normal and Malignant Hematopoiesis[Jul 18, 2017]

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are the stem cells that give rise to all lineages of blood cells. A new study conducted by Dr. WANG Qianfei from Beijing Institute of Genomics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Drs. YANG Fengchun and XU Mingjiang from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, reported that loss of Asxl2 alters self-renewal and cell fate of HSCs, leading to myelodysplastic syndrome-like disease in mice.


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