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16S rRNA;gene;plant;soil microbial

Soil Microbial Functional Gene Beta-diversity Is Determined by the Variation in Aboveground Plant Biomass Composition[Feb 06, 2018]

Dr. LI Hui and her colleagues from the research group of Soil Chemistry in Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Aacdemy of Sciences used a 9-year field experiment established in a typical steppe in Inner Mongolia, China, and explored diversity linkages between plant and soil microbial communities.

bird;route;divergent and parallel;high-altitude;passerine birds;Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Scientists Reveal Divergent and Parallel Routes in Convergence of High-altitude Passerine Birds[Feb 06, 2018]

To figure out the common divergent molecular mechanisms under adaptive convergence in birds, the international joint team lead by Prof. LEI Fumin from Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Prof. Jay Storz from School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska investigated the high-altitude adaptation of passerine birds, Paridae and Aegithalidae on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP).

Hypsela;Lobelia chinensis;Lobelia loochooensis;new species

New Species of Lobelia (Campanulaceae) Discovered in Guangxi, China[Feb 06, 2018]

In June of 2017, scientists carried out a field investigation in Lingui County, Guangxi, China. During this investigation, a special Lobelia with distinct corolla structure attracted their attention. In the adjacent area, another population of this Lobelia was also found.


Spiders Used to Have Tails: Study[Feb 06, 2018]

Two international research teams led by Prof. WANG Bo and HUANG Diying from Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology studied a fossil spider from the ca. 100 million year old Burmese amber of Myanmar shed important light on where spiders may have evolved from.


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