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potato;hydrophobic nano silica;sprouting;α-Solanine;storage

Wow! A "Raincoat" Makes Potatoes Remain Fresh Much Longer[Jul 12, 2018]

Potato, a major food material, plays an essential part in daily life all over the world. However, it tends to sprout during its not very long storage. Chinese Scientists developed an eco-friendly and low-cost method to help potato remain fresh longer for inhibiting it sprouting, according to a recent study by Prof. WU Zhengyan and his team in Hefei Institutes of Physical Science.

pressure;temperature;nitrogen;atmosphere;metallic fluid

Extreme Pressures and Temperatures Turn Nitrogen Metallic[Jul 12, 2018]

New research indicates that nitrogen, one of the most-common elements in the Universe and the dominant gas in the atmosphere of Earth, becomes a metallic fluid when subjected to the extreme pressure and temperature conditions found deep inside the Earth and other planets.

nanoparticles;heavy metals;accumulation;toxicity;Caenorhabditis elegans;sdimentation

How Do Nanomaterials Affect Heavy Metals in Aquatic Environment?[Jul 11, 2018]

Nanomaterials could change both vertical distribution of heavy metals and their accumulation in creatures in water environment, according to a new study by XU An and her team in Hefei Institutes of Physical Science. XU's team used a model organism, a worm named Caenorhabditis elegans, to help them take a closer look at the combined toxicity of nanoparticles and heavy metals (namely cadmium (Cd), arsenate (As(III)), and nickel (Ni)).


Intriguing Flexible Devices Based On Mechanoluminescence[Jul 10, 2018]

In the latest work, WANG Zhaofeng and his co-workers from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Lanzhou University, and University of Connecticut reported an environmentally-friendly and novel oxide-based ML material, SAOE, serving as the alternative for the widely-used but environmentally-hazardous transition metal-doped sulfides.


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