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nerve damage;delayed neuropathy;neuropathy;organophosphate;TRPA1;neuron

Scientists in China Identify Way to Treat Nerve Damage Caused by Insecticides and Chemical[Aug 02, 2017]

New research has uncovered a potential new therapy for the currently untreatable delayed neuropathy caused by acute exposure to insecticides or chemical weapons that attack the nervous system. The study, published in the open access journal Cell Discovery, identifies a new biological mechanism responsible for the neuropathy, as well as the drugs to treat it.

hydrogen evolution reaction;HER;hybrid nanosheet catalyst;electrochemical hydrogen

USTC Develops Superior Hybrid Nanosheets Catalyst for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution[Jul 29, 2017]

Professor ZENG Jie's group at University of Science and Technology of China of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) created a novel catalyst for water electrolysis hydrogen production. Through regulating interfaces, they devised a kind of Molybdenmun disulfide-black phosphorus (MoS2-BP) hybrid nanosheets catalyst, which shows high activity and high stability during hydrogen evolution reaction (HER).

magnetic nanoparticle cluster;magnetic host;phages;biofilm;nanoparticle

Researchers in U.S., China Use Phage-enhanced Nanoparticles to Kill Bacteria[Aug 02, 2017]

Magnetic nanoparticle clusters have the power to punch through biofilms to reach bacteria that can foul water treatment systems, according to a news release published on Tuesday by Rice University, Texas. Scientists at Rice University and the University of Science and Technology of China found that without the pull of a magnetic host, these "phages" disperse in solution, largely fail to penetrate biofilms and allow bacteria to grow in solution and even corrode metal, a costly problem for water distribution systems.

borate;lithium zinc borate;tetrahedra

Researchers Discover New Zincoborate Featuring Special Face-sharing LiO4 Tetrahedra Configuration[Aug 01, 2017]

A research group led by Prof. PAN Shilie at Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry (XTIPC) of Chinese Academy of Sciences synthesized a new lithium zinc borate Li6Zn3(BO3)4 and characterized it structurally for the first time.


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