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carbon nanomaterials;hybrid nanogels;biosensing;bioimaging;drug delivery

Chinese Scientists Review Synthesis and Biomedical Applications of Carbon-based Hybrid Nanogels[May 11, 2018]

Recently, a China-U.S team reviewed the synthesis of carbon-based hybrid nanogels and their applications in biomedical areas. Responsive nanogels are playing an increasingly important role in medical areas due to their porous structures, large surface area, good biocompatibility and responsiveness to internal and/or external chemico-physical stimuli.

review article;RLCKs;plant signaling;plant

Scientists Review Receptor-like Cytoplasmic Kinases in Plant Signaling[May 10, 2018]

The research team led by Prof. ZHOU Jianmin at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology wrote an invited review article to summarize Review Receptor-Like Cytoplasmic Kinases in Plant Signaling. In this review, researchers drew attention to RLCKs in the regulation of growth and development, immunity, and plant responses to environmental stresses.

Central Asia;loess;paleoclimate

Environmental Dynamics for Dust Accumulation and Paleoclimate Change in Central Asia[May 10, 2018]

SONG Yougui from the Institute of Earth Environment and his collaborators investigated magnetism and sedimentology proxies of loess sections in the Ili Basin, eastern Central Asia, and elucidated environmental dynamics for dust accumulation and paleoclimate change.

aerosol ammonium;fossil fuel emission;haze

Scientists Find Isotopic Evidence for Enhanced Fossil Fuel Sources of Aerosol Ammonium in Urban Atmosphere[May 10, 2018]

Prof. PAN Yuepeng from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and his colleagues reported a new chemical method to determine the nitrogen stable isotope composition at natural abundance for ammonium. This method is successfully used in a year-round isotopic measurement and source apportionment of aerosol ammonium in urban Beijing.


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