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graphene-based;nanocomposites;high energy density;Li-ion battery

Chinese Scientists Publish an Invited Review Article in Journal of Materials Chemistry A[Mar 02, 2017]

Chinese researchers Prof. HUANG Xingjiu and Asso. Prof. LIU Jinyun et al. at Institute of Intelligent Machines (IIM), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science were invited to jointly publish an review on energy storage material in Journal of Materials Chemistry A, which is one of top international authoritative journal in the field of materials chemistry.

single polymeric nanofiber;optical signal;optical fiber

Bloch Surface Waves Confined in One Dimension with a Single Polymeric Nanofiber[Feb 21, 2017]

Polymeric nanofiber has been seen as the one of the primer choice for nanophotonic devices and integrated optical circuit, due to its fantastic mechanical performance, and good bio-compatibility, and various optical properties through chimerical design. Researchers at University of Science and Technology of China of Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-workers proposed a novel optical mode, which is the Bloch Surface Waves confined in one dimensional (BSW-1D) with a single polymeric nanofiber. By using this optical mode, they successfully solve the technique problem that thin polymeric nanofiber cannot transport optical signals when it was put on a glass substrate.

multi-axis milling;rotary ultrasonic milling;quartz glass;surface quality;inclination angle

Scientists Develop Multi-axis Milling and Rotary Ultrasonic Machining in Quartz and Alumina Ceramic[Mar 13, 2017]

Dr. CHEN Xiaoxiao's group at Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences combined the high-speed multi-axis milling with ultrasonic function to develop a variety of manufacturing principles and technical advantages of the physical. They found the quantitative indicators of multi-axis ball end cutter and the area of workpiece with a significant change in tool inclination angles.

deep soil;C mineralization;net N mineralization;soil organic carbon;warming;soil microbial community

Researcher Reveals Soil C and N Mineralization Relationship in Deep Soil[Mar 03, 2017]

Dr. TIAN Qiuxiang, under the supervision of Prof. LIU Feng from Wuhan Botanical Garden, performed a 150-day laboratory soil incubation experiment to investigate the influence of soil depth and warming on C and net N mineralization and their relationship.


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