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activated sludge;EPS;extracellular polysaccharides;sewage;floc formation;gene

Comparative Genomics and Molecular Genetics Studies Reveal Genes Required for Floc Formation of Activated Sludge Bacteria[Jul 20, 2016]

Activated sludge (AS) process has been widely applied to municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment. A research team led by Dr. QIU Dongru at Institute of Hydrobiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr. ZHANG Tong at University of Hong Kong, has worked on the isolated Zoogloea strains, the predominant floc-forming bacteria in the activated sludge treating municipal sewage.


Scientists Turn Inulin Resources into Ethanol and Fructo-oligosaccharides[Jul 22, 2016]

The sunflower family plant Jerusalem artichoke has been regarded as an important sustainable feedstock in China. The plant tuber contains 60-70% of sugars (also known as inulin). Recently, the Microbial Resource Group from Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, has developed two easy and effective processes for ethanol and FOS production from inulin resources, respectively.

plasma acylcarnitines;type 2 diabeties;diabetes;disease prediction

Researchers Discover Role of Plasma Acylcarnitines in Early Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes[Jul 25, 2016]

Different profiles of acylcarnitines were detected comparing cases of obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or diabetes with relevant controls. Research teams led by Professors LIN Xu, WU Jiarui and ZENG Rong at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences reported that a panel of acylcarnitines, mainly involving mitochondrial lipid dysregulation, significantly improved predictive ability for type 2 diabetes beyond conventional risk factors.

surface warming temperature; extremes; global climate model; anthropogenic greenhouse gas; anthropogenic aerosol; SST/SIE; Northeast Asia; mid-1990s

Will Temperature Extremes Increase in Northeast Asia?[Jul 22, 2016]

Northeast Asia has experienced abrupt summer warming and changes in temperature extremes since the mid-1990s.And accompanying the warming in surface mean temperature, significant changes in certain temperature extremes, characterized by increases in the summer mean daily maximum temperature, daily minimum temperature, annual hottest day temperature, and annual warmest night temperature, have been observed


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