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X-ray;Taiji diagram;diffractive lenses;

Chinese Taiji Lens Help Advance Lensless Fourier-transform X-ray Holography[Aug 23, 2018]

Recently, researchers at Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics have introduced the concept of Yin and Yang of Chinese Taiji diagram into diffractive lenses and successfully constructed a kind of phase-shifting three-dimensional focal spots, which can be used for lensless Fourier-transform x-ray holography.

rubber plantation;intercropping;soil quality;soil physico-chemical properties;Xishuangbanna

Intercropping Improves Soil Physical Properties and Enriches Soil Nutrients in Rubber Plantations[Aug 23, 2018]

Prof. LIU Wenjie and his team of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden conducted a study to examine the impacts of soil quality after the conversion of natural tropical rainforest to rubber monoculture. They aimed to understand how rubber trees benefit from intercropping, especially in terms of improvement in the physical and chemical properties.

potential vorticity gradient;Ural blocking;Arctic warming;Barents-Kara sea

Potential Vorticity Gradient Identified as Indicator of Atmospheric Blocking Change Linked to Arctic Warming[Aug 23, 2018]

Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, along with their collaborators, revealed the physical process of how the winter warming in the Barents-Kara Seas (BKS) changed the duration of the UB events, and established their linkage by inducing a key physical quantity: Meridional potential vorticity (PV) gradient.


Scientists Find Cheap Way to Turn Gases into Liquids[Aug 23, 2018]

A research group from ShanghaiTech University has developed a novel method of using light to transform methane, ethane and other gases into valuable liquid products. A paper describing the technique - Selective Functionalization of Methane, Ethane, and Higher Alkanes by Cerium Photocatalysis - was published in Science recently.

dispersal;oceanic long-distance;Urticaceae

Scientists Reveal the Mechanism of Oceanic Long-Distance Dispersal for the Inland Nettle Family[Aug 23, 2018]

Research group lead by Prof. LI Dezhu from Kunming Institute of Botany, collaborating with the scientists from all over the world, has used the cosmopolitan nettle family (Urticaceae) as model group, the researchers integrated multiple lines of evidence including phylogenetic, molecular-dating, biogeographical, ecological, seed biology and oceanographic data.

greening;biomass;South China karst;vegetation

Major Greening and Biomass Increase in South China Karst During Recent Decade: Study[Aug 23, 2018]

A new study by an international team from China, Denmark and France is among the first applying a set of state-of-the-art satellite data from various optical and passive microwave systems used to evidence a global increase in both vegetation cover and biomass.


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