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vegetation restoration;ecological restoration; Loess Plateau

Researchers Propose New Regionalization Scheme for Effective Ecological Restoration on Loess Plateau in China[Jan 05, 2018]

Taking the Loess Plateau of China as an example, a research team led by Dr. CHEN Pengfei from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research proposed a new regionalization method and corresponding regionalization scheme to select proper vegetation types for particular locations on Loess Plateau during ecological restoration.

human glucagon receptor;GCGR;glucagon analogue;crystal structure

Glucagon Receptor Structure Offers New Opportunities for Type 2 Diabetes Drug Discovery[Jan 04, 2018]

Recently, scientists at SIMM determined the crystal structure of GCGR in complex with a glucagon analogue and partial agonist NNC1702. This structure reveals, for the first time, the molecular details of a class B GPCR binding to its peptide ligand at high resolution and unexpectedly discloses the structural complexity that governs receptor activation, thereby greatly expanding the understanding of class B GPCR signal transduction.

quantum chromodynamics;heavy quarkonium;pseudoscalar quarkonium;QCD

NNLO QCD Correction to Pseudoscalar Quarkonium Hadronic Width Completed[Jan 04, 2018]

Researchers at the Institute of High Energy Physics, the China University of Mining and Technology and Southwest University, for the first time, calculated the next-to-next-to-leading order radiative correction to the hadronic width of pseudoscalar quarkonium, and conducted a detailed phenomenological study using the latest experimental data.

new species;Ericaceae;Agapetes brevipedicellata;north Myanmar

A New Species of Ericaceae Reported from Northern Myanmar[Jan 04, 2018]

During recent China-Myanmar joint field expeditions to survey plant diversity in northern Myanmar, researcher from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences collected several specimens of an interesting Agapetes with almost fleshy branchlets and stout pedicels around Putao, Kachin State.

Mettl3;gamete maturation;zebrafish

Gamete Maturation in Zebrafish Requires m6A Modification Catalyzed by Mettl3 Methyltransferase[Jan 04, 2018]

The Research Group of Fish Gene Engineering at Institute of Hydrobiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences has obtained the viable zygotic mettl3 knockout zebrafish line Zmettl3m/m and found that mutant adults disrupt gamete maturation. This study provides the first in vivo evidence that gamete maturation in zebrafish requires m6A modification catalyzed by Mettl3 methyltransferase.

waveform;earthquake;correlation-based;seismic location method

New Hybrid Correlation Stacking Method to Locate Weak Seismic Events[Jan 04, 2018]

Researcher LI Lei from the Institute of Acoustics together with researchers from both China and Germany proposed a novel hybrid correlation stacking (HCS) method. It was proved to be a reliable and efficient approach for seismic location, particularly in case of a less reliable velocity model.


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