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carbon dioxide;feedstock;synthesis

Selective Synthesis of Aromatics from CO2[Nov 14, 2018]

Wenliang Zhu, Zhongmin Liu, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and colleagues have developed a composite catalyst made from the oxide ZnAlOx and the zeolite H-ZSM-5 for the selective synthesis of aromatics (example pictured) from CO2 and H2. The team synthesized the ZnAlOx using a co-precipitation method.

crystal;perovskite;solar cell

Large Perovskite Single Crystals Take It Slow[Nov 14, 2018]

Single-crystalline organolead halide perovskites possess optoelectronic properties that make them highly attractive for a range of applications including solar cells, light-emitting diodes, lasers, and photodetectors. But the growth of large, high-quality single crystals of perovskite has proved difficult. Now researchers from China have devised a simple means of producing centimeter-sized single crystals.

aqueous pollutant monitoring;raman spectroscopy substrate;ecosystem

Scientists Conduct On-Site Aqueous Pollutant Monitoring Using a Raman Spectroscopy Substrate[Nov 14, 2018]

Recently, Assoc. Prof. ZHONG and Prof. ZHENG from the Institute of Urban Environment (IUE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has demonstrated a successful facile application of on-site aqueous pollutant monitoring using a flexible, ultralight and robust surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate (SERS), which was formed by interfacial self-assembly of Au@Ag nanocubes (NCs) on a simultaneously formed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) template, followed by a thin coating of Au.

atom;catalyst;water splitting;WOR

Single-manganese-atom Catalyst Drives Key Water-splitting Step[Nov 14, 2018]

An easy-to-prepare catalyst consisting of isolated metal atoms embedded at various points across functionalized graphene sheets can carry out a key step in water splitting, according to a study. Inspired by nature's use of a metal cluster (CaMn4O5) to generate O2 from water during photosynthesis, scientists have designed various multimetal-atom catalysts to facilitate the process, called the water oxidation reaction (WOR).

microbiome;big data;Microbiome Search Engine

Scientists Develop Microbiome Search Engine to Assess Microbiome Novelty and Impact[Nov 14, 2018]

Scientists from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology developed a way to objectively evaluate the novelty and impact of plethora of microbiomes in the vast universe of microbiome big-data, based on an innovative tool called Microbiome Search Engine (MSE).

trans-Golgi network;gene lot;gene;plant;vesicle trafficking

Scientists Uncover A Key Gene Regulating trans-Golgi Network Biogenesis in Plant[Nov 13, 2018]

YANG Weicai’s laboratory at Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology identified an Arabidopsis protein LOT (loss of TGN) that regulates the trans-Golgi network biogenesis.In lot mutant, the researchers found that pollen tube growth is inhibited in style leading to sever sterility. In mutant pollen, the Golgi cisternae is over-stacked and the number of TGN and vesicles surrounding the Golgi are significantly reduced as manifested by the dispersed cytosolic distribution of TGN-markers.


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