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Researchers Reveal PIF Complex Formation and Intracellular Transport[Jan 14, 2019]

In a study, a research group led by Prof. HU Zhihong from the Wuhan Institute of Virology provided a complete list of proteins (nine) in the PIF complex. The researchers systematically investigated the composition, assembly and function of the baculovirus PIF complex to understand its role in virus entry.

magnon;electric current;energy;heating

Researchers Develop Magnon Valve Effect Based on YIG/NiO/YIG Insulating Magnon Junction[Jan 14, 2019]

Researchers led by Prof. HAN Xiufeng from the Institute of Physics have developed magnon valves and insulating magnon junctions that can be used for regulating magnon transport. They experimentally investigated magnon transport in the magnon valve structure FMI/NM/FMI (YIG/Au/YIG).

electrocatalyst;solid solution;oxygen evolution reaction;metal-organic framework

Scientists Develop Chromium-Ruthenium Oxide Solid Solution Electrocatalyst[Jan 14, 2019]

An iridium-free and low-ruthenium-content oxide (Cr0.6Ru0.4O2) derived from a metal-organic framework was prepared recently by Prof. CHEN Liang's research group at the Institute of New Energy Technology, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Individuals with Schizotypy Opt for Immediate but Smaller Rewards in the Future[Jan 14, 2019]

Dr. Raymond Chan from the Neuropsychology and Applied Cognitive Neuroscience of Institute of Psychology, together with Prof. DING Jinhong from the Department of Psychology of Capital Normal University, have conducted a study to examine the delay discounting in 38 individuals with high schizotypal traits and 35 individuals with low schizotypal traits.

locust;colour;color;environment setting

How Locusts Switch Colors in Different Settings[Jan 11, 2019]

Scientists have discovered how locusts change their body colour to adapt to different environments, according to new research published in eLife. The findings, first reported on bioRxiv, reveal a novel 'palette effect' mechanism in locusts, whereby a red pigment complex acts as a switch to coordinate between the insects' green and black colouring.


Intelligent Males May Make Female Birds Swoon: Study[Jan 11, 2019]

Male birds are often the ones with the most vibrant feathers, or the most elaborate songs, but researchers said Thursday that what female birds could really appreciate is a male who shows his intelligence. The report in the journal Science aligns with one of Charles Darwin's old theories, which held that mate choice could contribute to the evolution of intelligence.


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