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methane emission;respiratory chamber;interval

Researchers Evaluate Measurement Interval for Quantification of Enteric Methane Emissions[May 20, 2019]

Researchers from China Agricultural University and the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture investigated the evaluation of measurement interval and calculation method for the quantification of enteric methane emissions measured by respiration chamber.

Coniferous forest;litter input manipulations;methane uptake;methanotrophs;soil moisture

How Soil Net Methane Uptake Rates Respond to Short-term Litter Input Change?[May 20, 2019]

Supervised by Prof. CHENG Xiaoli, WU Junjun, a research assistant of Wuhan Botanical Garden conducted a detritus input and removal treatment in a coniferous forest ecosystem in subtropical China to investigate the response of soil net CH4 uptake rates to litter input change.


Structural and Functional Mechanisms of a New Class of Bacterial σ/Anti-σ Factors Revealed[May 20, 2019]

Prof. FENG Yingang and his colleagues from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology revealed the structural and functional mechanism of the SigI/RsgI factors from C. thermocellum. They found that the intracellular domain of RsgI formed a stable complex with the C-terminal domain of SigI.

nitrogen fixation;nanosheet;photofixation;light irradiation;photoactivity

Scientists Enhance Photocatalytic Nitrogen Fixation up to 700 nm by Tuning Oxygen Vacancies[May 14, 2019]

In a recent pioneering breakthrough, a research team led by Prof. ZHANG Tierui from Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a new approach for introducing VO into ultrathin TiO2 nanosheets.

sea level;record-low;anomaly;Blob

Scientists Reveal Cause for Record-low Coastal Sea Levels in Northeast Pacific during 2013–2014 Winter[May 20, 2019]

In the past three decades, coastal sea levels (CSL) in the Northeast (NE) Pacific shows a near-zero or even decreasing trend in sharp contrast to the global mean sea level rise. WANG Yaqi and her supervisor Prof. LIU Hailong from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and their collaborator systematically investigated the cause for this record-low CSL anomaly and the role of large-scale climate modes.

summer monsoon;Asia;tree ring record

New Research Finds Unprecedented Weakening of Asian Summer Monsoon[May 17, 2019]

A new research used tree ring records to reconstruct the Asian summer monsoon back to 1566. The study found the monsoon has been weakening since the 1940s, resulting in regional droughts and hardships. The 80-year decline in the monsoon coincides with the ongoing boom in industrial development and aerosol emissions in China and the northern hemisphere that began around the end of World War II, according to the study’s authors.


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