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white-light emission;semiconductor;borate;stannate

Researchers Acquire White-Light Emission from Semi-Conductive Borate-Stannate[Aug 23, 2019]

A research group led by Prof. MAO Jianggao from the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter reported the first defect-induced crystalline inorganic borate in single-component white-light phosphors,Ba2[Sn(OH)6][B(OH)4]2. The results indicated that it's a promising candidate for future solid-state lighting application.

carbonaceous matter;glacier;melting process;Tibetan Plateau

Scientists Investigate Carbonaceous Matter in Glaciers at Headwaters of Yangtze River[Aug 23, 2019]

A research group led by Prof. KANG Shichang from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources investigated the concentration, sources and fractionation of carbonaceous matter at Ganglongjiama glacier during the melting period in 2017.

solar eruption;CME;Sun;plasma

How Does One Non-Radial Solar Eruption Produce Two Coronal Mass Ejections on the Sun?[Aug 23, 2019]

An observation conducted by solar physicists from Yunnan Observatories and Yunnan Normal University clearly indicated that two simultaneous radial propagating CMEs were dynamically associated with the eruption of a blowout jet that was driven by the eruption of a miniature filament.

skin;microbiome;health index;eczema

Scientists Use Skin's Microbiome to Develop Health Index for Children with Eczema[Aug 22, 2019]

Microbiomes aren't just for understanding and modulating gut health - skin, our largest organ, hosts a vibrant and complex microbiome that can provide health insights. An international research team has developed an index to better understand skin health across human populations.

water availability;carbon cycle;climate warming

Water Availability Determines Carbon Uptake under Climate Warming: Study[Aug 22, 2019]

A research group led by Dr. NIU Shuli from the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research found that water availability in soil determines the direction of carbon-climate feedback. The research team drew the conclusion primarily based on a field manipulation experiment in an alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

energetic spin-polarized electron beam;LWFA;polarized electron beam;spin-polarized particle beam;electron beam

Novel All-optical Approach to Generate Energetic Spin-polarized Electron Beam[Aug 19, 2019]

Researchers from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and international collaborators, has proposed an all-optical approach to obtain energetic polarized electron beam based on LWFA driven by a vortex laser beam (also known as vortex laser) and verified the feasibility via full three dimension (3D) particle-in-cell simulations incorporating spin dynamics.


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