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wearable mercury detection;mercury

Wearable Mercury Detection: It's A Kind Of Magic[Sep 21, 2018]

In a recent paper in Advanced Materials Technologies, chinese researchers report a rapid Hg2+-sensing material that enables fast detection of ppm-level Hg2+ in complex real-world food and water samples within minutes.

earth;olivine;mantle plumes;lower mantle;Baffin Island;Hawaii;Deccan;Emeishan;mid-ocean ridge basalt

Scientists Depict the Nature of the Earth's Lower Mantle Based on the Study of Mantle Plume Sources[Sep 21, 2018]

Prof. TAO Yan from the Institute of Geochemistry, collaborating with an international research team led by Prof. Keith Putirka from the California State University, Fresno, has studied the samples of volcanic rocks including a type example of a mantle plume (Hawaii), two of the largest volcanic "flood" basalt provinces in Earth history (Deccan, Emeishan), a food basalt that erupted in a continental rift setting (Baffin Island), and the lavas from the Siqueiros Transform at the East Pacific Rise, which represent the mid-ocean ridge system.

platinum group metal;strong metal-support interaction;oxidative atmosphere;hydroxyapatite;nonoxide

Scientists Discover Strong Metal-Support Interaction Between Platinum Group Metals and Hydroxyapatite[Sep 20, 2018]

Recently, researchers from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics discovered the Strong Metal-Support Interaction (SMSI) between platinum group metals (PGMs) and hydroxyapatite (HAP). This study for the first time discover that O-SMSI can occur in the PGMs catalysts, which provides a new way for the design and development of stable PGMs catalysts under oxidative environment.

end-Permian extiction;end-Permian;mass extinction

An Extinction Without Warning[Sep 20, 2018]

Recently, researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences, MIT, the National Museum of Natural History, and the University of Calgary, reported that in the approximately 30,000 years leading up to the end-Permian extinction, there is no geologic evidence of species starting to die out. They also found no signs of any big swings in ocean temperature or dramatic fluxes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Au;nanoparticle;size effect

Scientists Reveal Chemical Nature of Au Nanoparticles' Size Effect[Sep 20, 2018]

A research team led by Prof. SHEN Wenjie from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, in collaboration with Prof. LIU Jingyue from Arizona State University, identified the key role of the geometrical structure of the Au-Fe2O3 interfaces in CO oxidation.

wind noise;voice;noise reduction;DNN

Novel DNN-based Speech Enhancement Using Soft Audible Noise Masking for Wind Noise Reduction[Sep 20, 2018]

Researchers Bai Haichuan and Ge Fengpei from the Institute of Acoustics proposed a new speech enhancement framework for wind noise reduction, to remove wind noise without speech distortion for voice communication. This novel DNN-based speech enhancement framework for wind noise reduction was evaluated by objective and subjective means.


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