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Long March-7;Wenchang

China to Launch New Carrier Rocket June 25-29[Jun 23, 2016]

China plans to launch its new generation Long March-7 carrier rocket between Saturday and Wednesday from a new launch ground in south China, according to the manned space engineering office on Wednesday. This will be the first launch from Wenchang, the fourth launch site in China. Its construction was completed in November 2014.

supercooled large droplets;SLD;ice buildup;de-icing;Shanghai Jiao Tong University

New Chinese Study Helps Explain Dangerous Ice Buildup on Planes[Jun 23, 2016]

Ice building up on the wings and tail of an aircraft flying during freezing rain is a major concern that could lead to high-speed crashes, and a new Chinese study published Tuesday may help explain why such a dangerous phenomenon occurs. A research team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University conducted an investigation that pointed to a different icing mechanism at work than previously identified.

Sunway-TaihuLight;supercomputer;made in China

China's Supercomputering Prowess[Jun 22, 2016]

China's delight at Sunway TaihuLight being named the world's fastest supercomputer was made all the more sweeter as it marks a shift from using "off-the-shelf" processors to domestic alternatives. Sunway TaihuLight is the first supercomputer to have all its key components made in China.

ecosystem assessment;ecosystem;conservation;

China's Major Conservation Projects Show Significant Success in Nation's 1st Assessment[Jun 21, 2016]

China's major conservation projects to fix its worsening ecosystem that has come in the wake of the nation's economic boom are paying off, results from the first China ecosystem assessment (CEA) showed Thursday. The assessment, the first of its kind in the nation, involved a staggering amount of data from all of mainland China, including from satellite images, field studies and historical records. The results revealed that all ecosystem services evaluated over the decade from 2000 to 2010 increased, with the exception of habitat provision for biodiversity.

Inno Pioneer;Zhongguancun Science Park;innovation hub;innovation

High-tech Beijing Hub Launches Innovation Initiative[Jun 21, 2016]

Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park, one of China's top high-tech innovation hubs, has started an initiative that invites young people from overseas to work or intern in the capital. The initiative, called Inno Pioneer, was launched in mid-June. It aims to attract students and other young professionals from overseas universities and research organizations to start businesses, work for startups or take training at the park, which covers 488 square kilometers and has more than 20,000 companies.

space robot;space program;unmanned probe;Mars rover;robot

Plan to Develop Family of Space Robots[Jun 21, 2016]

China plans to develop a large family of robots for both its unmanned and manned space programs, according to a senior official with the nation's space agency. Tian Yulong, secretary-general of the China National Space Administration, said the government is drawing up a long-term plan for the development of space robots.


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