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China Committed to Peaceful Use of Outer Space[Jun 27, 2016]

China welcomed a newcomer to its Long March carrier rocket family on Saturday as the new generation Long March-7 blasted off successfully. It brings China one step closer to its goal of operating a permanent space station.

manned lunar mission;lunar probe;Long March;low Earth orbit;LEO

China Plans Mega Rocket for Manned Lunar Missions[Jun 27, 2016]

China is planning to start using a huge carrier rocket powerful enough for manned lunar missions before 2031. The new rocket will measure over a hundred meters in length and nearly 10 meters in diameter under the current design.

rocket;carrier rocket;Long March-5;Long March-7;Long March

China to Launch Its Largest Carrier Rocket Later This Year[Jun 27, 2016]

China planned to launch the Long March-5, its largest carrier rocket, in the latter half of this year, said a senior official with the country's space program on Saturday. The rocket, designed to carry 25 tonnes into low Earth orbit, will be launched from the Wenchang satellite launch center in south China's Hainan Province.

Majorana fermions;theoretical physics;Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Chinese Scientists Enjoy Major Discovery in Physics[Jun 24, 2016]

A major discovery in theoretical physics has been revealed in Shanghai's Jiaotong University. It proves beyond reasonable doubt the existence of the particle, Majorana fermions. Professor Jia Jinfeng and other Chinese scientists lifted the veil of the mysterious Majorana fermions, and published the renowned Physical Review Letters.

Long March-7;Wenchang

China's New Carrier Rocket Long March-7 Cleaner, Stronger[Jun 24, 2016]

China's new generation carrier rocket the Long March-7 will leave no pollution as burning of its propellants produces only carbon dioxides and water, according to a project insider. Launches from the new site, which is much closer to the equator than the other three, can take advantage of the Earth's higher rotational speed to save fuel.


Chinese Vice Premier Highlights Innovation, People's Well-being[Jun 23, 2016]

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong has called on authorities to pursue innovation-driven development and step up educational modernization and medical reform. Liu made the remarks during a visit to eastern China's Jiangsu province, where she visited tech firms and chaired a symposium.


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