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Jiaolong;Mariana Trench;deep-sea

Chinese Submersible Jiaolong Completes 20th Dive in Mariana Trench[Jun 02, 2017]

China's manned submersible "Jiaolong" Thursday conducted its 20th dive in the Mariana Trench, the world's deepest-known trench, since 2012. During the mission, the crew studied deep-sea biotic communities and distribution of species in the trench. They also brought back sea water samples.

scientific innovation;scientific research

XI Jinping's Remarks on Scientific Innovation[Jun 02, 2017]

Chinese President XI Jinping has asked society to learn from late geophysicist HUANG Danian, who made outstanding contributions in education and scientific research. XI has always attached great importance to science.

remote sensing satellite;satellite station network;ground station

China Completes Satellite Station Network[Jun 01, 2017]

A network of remote sensing satellite ground stations that cover all of China's territory and 70 percent of Asia passed its final acceptance examination on Wednesday. It will be used to support various remote-sensing systems, especially for the western part of the country and the South China Sea.

workers' day;scientific innovation;science power;sci-tech day

China Honors Scientists Ahead of First Sci-Tech Workers' Day[May 31, 2017]

China honored a number of scientists and scientific groups Saturday ahead of the nation's first science and technology workers' day, which will fall on May 30. LIU Yunshan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, congratulated the award-winners and greeted some of the country's science and technology staff at a ceremony.

satellite navigation;navigation positioning system;positioning system

China Launches Advanced Satellite Navigation Positioning System[May 31, 2017]

China on Saturday launched a national satellite navigation and positioning system. It is the largest in the country and boasts the widest coverage. The system, featuring faster speed, higher accuracy and wider coverage, will be compatible with other satellite navigation systems, such as the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and Global Position System (GPS).

Nature Index;international cooperation

More Int'l Collaborations Seen in China's Research Paper Output: Nature Index[May 26, 2017]

China not only continues to increase its global share of research papers, the percentage of these papers that are co-authored with an international peer has risen to a new level as well, according to the Nature Index 2017 China supplement released on Thursday. The Nature Index is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of 68 high-quality science journals. The database is compiled by Nature Research.


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