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antibiotic;multidrug resistance

Scientists Develop New Form of Antibiotic to Combat Multidrug Resistant Bacteria[Sep 29, 2018]

A new antibiotic, developed by an international team, could present a solution to the problem of drug resistant bacteria, which is expected to present an ever increasing concern in the coming century. The new kind of antibiotic was developed to limit multidrug resistance by targeting and disrupting key elements in bacterial cells.

World Internet Conference;WIC;

China to Hold 5th World Internet Conference in November[Sep 29, 2018]

China will hold the fifth World Internet Conference (WIC) this November in the river town of Wuzhen, eastern China's Zhejiang province. This year's WIC is themed "creating a digital world for mutual trust and collective governance - toward a community with a shared future in cyberspace."

bird flu;influenza virus

Chinese Scientists Find Vaccine Effective in Combating Bird Flu, But New Risks Among Ducks[Sep 29, 2018]

The study published in the journal Cell Host &Microbe revealed that vaccination of chickens successfully prevented the spread of the H7N9 virus in China as human infection has not been detected since February 2018, indicating that consumers of poultry have been well-protected from H7N9 infection.

space lab;plant growth

China's Scientists Observe Plant Growth in Its Space Lab[Sep 29, 2018]

Chinese scientists have taken this experiment to the next level at Tiangong-2, a space laboratory. They are trying to accomplish full-cycle of plant growth under microgravity. Boxes containing rice and Arabidopsis, a small flowering plant, are on board the space lab.


MRSA Breakthrough May Spell the End for Drug-resistant Bacteria[Sep 28, 2018]

Researchers in Hong Kong believe they may have discovered a way to prevent superbugs mutating and beating antibiotics. Recent lab tests on mice show that those infected with CA-MRSA had a 40 percent survival rate after seven to 10 days. A separate group, injected with non-antibiotic M-21, Kao's breakthrough, all survived. The findings were published in July in the journal PNAS.

space experiment;space station

China to Conduct Large-scale Experiments in Space Station[Sep 27, 2018]

China will carry out large-scale scientific experiments on space application projects after the completion of China's space station. China's manned space station is planned to be completed around 2022 and will be in orbit for more than 10 years. There will be more than 13 laboratories and experimental platforms in the space station. A large optical telescope will be sent into the same orbit to fly with the station.


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