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in-orbit fueling;cargo spacecraft;space station;Tianzhou-1;Tiangong-2

China's Cargo Spacecraft Completes Second In-orbit Refueling[Jun 16, 2017]

China's Tianzhou-1 cargo spacecraft and Tiangong-2 space lab completed their second in-orbit refueling at 6:28 p.m. Thursday. The second refueling, lasting about two days, further tested the country's refueling technology and cemented technical results from the first refueling. As the International Space Station is set to retire in 2024, the Chinese space station will offer a promising alternative, and China will be the only country with a permanent space station.

science polularization;polularization capacity;popularization

China Releases First Report on Science Popularization Capacity[Jun 16, 2017]

A report on China's science popularization capacity from 2006 to 2016 was released Thursday. According to XU Yanhao, vice president of the China Association for Science and Technology, a country's science popularization capacity refers to its general capability to provide the public with products and services that popularize science.


Chinese Scientists Have a Plan to Grow Potatoes on the Moon[Jun 15, 2017]

Chinese scientists want to grow potatoes on the moon. The plan is to carry two kinds of plants and one animal species in an aluminum vessel that will land on the surface of the moon with China's Chang'e 4 lunar probe in 2018.

germ cell;human embryonic stem cell;follicle-like cell;infertility

Germ Cell Breakthrough Paves Way to Infertility Treatment[Jun 14, 2017]

Scientists at Tsinghua University have led the world in inducing in-vitro differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into follicle-like cells. The breakthrough is expected to help the study of premature ovarian failure and improve assisted reproductive technology.

research vessel;ocrean drilling;deep-sea drilling

China Aims to Build World's 3rd Ocean Drilling Research Vessel[Jun 13, 2017]

China aims to build the world's third ocean drilling research vessel and become a key leader in international deep-sea drilling scientific efforts by 2028, a senior government consultant said Monday. WANG Pinxian, a marine geologist from Tongji University and also with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made the remarks at a press event to announce the successful conclusion of a China-led international drilling mission to find out how the South China Sea was formed some tens of millions of years ago.

ultrastrong carbon material;lightweight carbon;elastic;carbon

Scientists Create Ultrastrong Carbon Material That's Elastic Like Rubber[Jun 12, 2017]

Scientists from Yanshan University, China, and their international collaborators have developed a form of ultrastrong, lightweight carbon that is hard as a diamond yet elastic like rubber and electrically conductive. The material combines the best properties of graphitic- and diamond-like forms of carbon.


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