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Crust 1;drilling rig;drilling

China's Domestic Super Drilling Rig Completes First Mission[Jun 05, 2018]

Crust 1, a land-based drilling rig, concluded its first mission on Saturday, putting China among the frontrunners in onshore drilling, along with Germany and Russia. The four-year mission Songke 2, drilled a 7,018-meter borehole -- the first in the world to pass through the continental stratum of the Cretaceous period -- in the Songliao Basin in northeast China.

technology market;technology transfer;

China to Speed up Tech Market Development[Jun 04, 2018]

China's tech sector has seen huge developments in recent years, helping to boost the country's global influence in science and technology. The next step is to strengthen its current technology transfer system and speed up developing its technology market, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology. Earlier this week, the ministry issued guidelines to further commercialize and industrialize science and technology achievements.

AI algorithm;diabetic retinopathy;retinopathy;diabetes

Chinese Researchers Develop AI Technology for Screening Diabetic Retinopathy[Jun 04, 2018]

A research team with Hunan University has successfully developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can swiftly detect diabetic retinopathy. The algorithm enables doctors to find signs of diabetic retinopathy from pictures with the help of a supercomputer center.


China Launches New Earth Observation Satellite[Jun 04, 2018]

China on Saturday launched a new Earth observation satellite, Gaofen-6, which will be mainly used in agricultural resources research and disaster monitoring. A scientific experiment satellite named Luojia-1 was sent into space at the same time. Gaofen-6 can observe chlorophyll and other nutritional content of crops, and help to estimate yields of crops such as corn, rice, soybeans, cotton and peanuts.

firefighter suit;cooling capability;location positioning;firefighter;suit

Chinese Rocket Scientists Design Smart Firefighter Suit[May 31, 2018]

Chinese rocket scientists and engineers are turning their expertise to developing an intelligent firefighter suit that has cooling capability and can help track the location of the firefighters. The intelligent suit was developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT).

deep sea species;marine organism;deep sea

Chinese Scientists Identify over 30 New Deep Sea Species[May 30, 2018]

Chinese scientists have found over 30 kinds of new deep sea species in the last two years. China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association also released a series of videos showing activities of rarely-seen deep sea creatures in the seamounts during an international conference.


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