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sound wave;human movement

Chinese Researchers Use Sound Waves to Detect Human Movements[May 29, 2019]

Chinese scientists have developed an AI-enabled method to identify human movements using sound waves. The researchers from Wuhan University of Technology used a two-dimensional acoustic array and convolutional neural networks to detect and analyze the sounds of human activity and identify those activities.

cooperation center;cooperation summit;cooperation

Canada-China Sci-Tech Cooperation Summit to Be Held in Toronto[May 27, 2019]

The Canada-China Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Summit will kick off in Toronto on Sunday in a bid to promote business exchanges between Canadian and Chinese enterprises. During the summit, the Canadian and Chinese International Cooperation Center will be officially launched.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System;BDS;

China to Launch Six to Eight BDS-3 Satellites This Year[May 23, 2019]

China will send six to eight new satellites of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) into space this year, according to the ongoing tenth China Satellite Navigation Conference on Wednesday. Two to four BDS-3 satellites will be launched in 2020 when the BDS-3 system will be fully completed.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System;BDS;

China Satellite Navigation Conference Opens in Beijing[May 23, 2019]

The most recent achievements of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) will be displayed and discussed during the tenth China Satellite Navigation Conference that opened in Beijing Wednesday. The BDS is China's self-developed navigation system and is compatible with other navigation systems.

fungus spread;rice blast;plant disease

New Study Reveals How Rice Blast Fungus Spreads[May 22, 2019]

A study carried out by researchers from China's Nanjing Agricultural University and Louisiana State University in the United States has found how rice blast fungus spreads, providing insights on the control of rice blast, the most devastating rice disease in the world.

underwater system;seawater;electricity

New Underwater System Generates Electricity from Seawater[May 21, 2019]

Chinese researchers from the East China Normal University in Shanghai, Shanghai University and the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences in Beijing have developed a low-cost underwater system to generate electricity from seawater, offering a new approach to handle short spikes in power demand and maintain longer-term steady power.


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