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AI;artificial intelligence;AI theory

China Expected to Make Breakthrough in AI Theory Development: Andrew Chi-Chih Yao[Aug 28, 2017]

China must solve the lack of theories in AI development to achieve the goal of becoming a power for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation by 2030, Turing Award-winning computer scientist Andrew Chi-Chih Yao said.

robot;artistic capabilities;World Robot Conference

Can Robots Replace Humans in the Art World?[Aug 28, 2017]

While few people would associate inanimate objects such robots with having artistic capabilities, the ongoing 2017 World Robot Conference in Beijing is shedding light on their creative abilities.

cancer virus;hepatocellular carcinoma;HCC;liver cancer

Chinese Scientists Give Big Boost to Cancer-killing Virus[Aug 25, 2017]

Chinese scientists have found a compound that helped a tumor-targeting virus kill liver cancer more effectively while sparing healthy cells, offering new hope for treating the world's second most common cancer killer, according to a study published Wednesday.

super steel;aerospace;defence application;metallic materials

Chinese Scientists Make Breakthrough in Super Steel[Aug 25, 2017]

Chinese scientists said Thursday they have developed a super steel that has a high level of both strength and ductility, a breakthrough that may have a wide variety of industrial applications.


China on Rapid Progress of Robotization: Study[Aug 24, 2017]

China bought 90,000 robots in 2016, accounting for almost a third of the global total, and the robot revolution may raise China's economic competitiveness, according to a report released this week by Bloomberg Intelligence.

body sensors;silk;sensitivity;flexibility

Silk-based Wearable Body Sensors Developed by Chinese Scientists May Improve Sensitivity, Flexibility[Aug 23, 2017]

Scientists from the Tsinghua University in China report they are using silk to develop a more sensitive and flexible generation of these multi-purpose devices that monitor a slew of body functions in real time.


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