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State Natural Science Award;fundamental research;natural science;science and technology award;national award

Chemist, Bioengineer Honored for Breakthroughs[Jan 09, 2018]

China has two winners of the annual First Prize of the State Natural Science Award for 2017, a testimony to the nation's growing research capabilities in fundamental science. It is the first time in 12 years that China has two winners within a single year of the nation's highest honor for major scientific breakthroughs in fundamental research. The last time was in 2006, according to data from the Office of State Science and Technology Awards.

top science award;science award;national award;innovation

2 Scientists Win China's Top Science Award[Jan 09, 2018]

Two Chinese scientists, explosives expert WANG Zeshan and virologist HOU Yunde, won China's top science award Monday for their outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation. President XI Jinping presented award certificates to them at an annual ceremony held in Beijing to honor distinguished scientists and research achievements.

technological innovation;innovation

Enterprises Should Be "Main Players" for Technological Innovation: Premier[Jan 09, 2018]

Chinese Premier LI Keqiang expects enterprises to be the "main players" in technological innovation. Human factor is the most important element, requiring more reform to the science and technology (S&T) system and improvements to the incentive mechanism. Leading personnel in innovation should have a greater say in resource allocation and decision-making in research.

polystyrene breakdown;mealworm;polystyrene;biodegradation

Experts Unveil Breakthrough in Polystyrene Breakdown by Mealworms[Jan 08, 2018]

Chinese experts recently published new discoveries showing that when mealworms are given supplemental nutrition they can break down polystyrene (PS) more quickly. A mealworm strain from a U.S. source can biodegrade PS, and providing supplemental nutrition for the worms can help increase the PS biodegradation rates.

space launch;space-related activity;aerospace capability;launch

China Eyes Unprecedented 40 Space Launches in 2018[Jan 05, 2018]

China will conduct more than 40 space-related activities in 2018, with analysts saying this shows that China's aerospace capabilities are strengthening in scientific research, commercial use and national defense. The number of expected space-related activities in 2018 is unprecedented in Chinese history and will make China the country with the most space launches in 2018.

Made in China;BeiDou Satellite;navigation satellite

All Key Parts of BeiDou Satellites Made in China: Chief Designer[Jan 03, 2018]

All the key components of China's BeiDou navigation satellites are made in China, ending reliance on imports, XIE Jun, chief designer of the Beidou system, said on Tuesday. Key components such as traveling-wave tube amplifiers, microwave switches, and high-power current source controllers are now all made in China instead of being imported.


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