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China's Innovation Patents Surge in Number and Quality in 2017[Jan 19, 2018]

China has a number of domestically developed core technologies in telecommunications, aviation and space, high-speed railways, nuclear energy. Over the years, the quality of the patents filed in these fields has notably improved.


Flu Outbreak Spurs Vaccine R&D Effort[Jan 18, 2018]

Quadrivalent influenza vaccines provide coverage against two influenza A virus strains and two influenza B virus strains-Yamagata and Victoria-while the traditional trivalent vaccines guard against two influenza A virus strains and only one influenza B virus strain-Victoria.

scientific research ship;Dongfanghong;research ship

China Launches New Scientific Research Ship[Jan 18, 2018]

The Ocean University of China said its new deep ocean scientific research ship Dongfanghong No. 3 was launched Tuesday in Shanghai. The 103-meter-long and 18-meter-wide research ship with a tonnage of 5,800 tonnes has a maximum speed of 15 knots.


China to Launch First Student Satellite for Scientific Education[Jan 18, 2018]

China's first nano-satellite with primary and middle school students involved in the development and building process will be launched into space Friday. The satellite, named after late Premier Zhou Enlai, was sent from its production base in Huai'an Youth Comprehensive Development Base in east China's Jiangsu Province to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gansu Province Monday.

diagnosis;lupus;DNA methylation detection;gene

Chinese Researchers Make Breakthrough in Lupus Diagnosis[Jan 17, 2018]

Chinese researchers have developed a new testing method for the diagnosis of lupus, which could improve the accuracy rate to over 90 percent. The new method uses DNA methylation detection to find lupus-specific information in genes, the first time researchers are able to elevate the diagnosis of lupus to the genetic level, according to Lu Qianjin, a professor with Central South University.

aeronautics engineering;astronautics;Belt and Road

Nepal to Introduce Aeronautics Engineering in Cooperation with Chinese University[Jan 16, 2018]

Nepal is soon introducing aeronautics and astronautics engineering program at the universities for the first time in cooperation with a Chinese university. The agreement of partnership to this effect will be signed between Nepali and Chinese academic institutions. The cooperation can also be the first academic work to be introduced within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.


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