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University of Hong Kong;health tech;HKU

HKU Collaborates with Guangdong University on Health Tech in Bay Area[Jul 10, 2018]

The University of Hong Kong announced Monday it has established an innovations platform in collaboration with the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University to promote bio- and health technology and translational medical research and development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

solid booster;solid-fuel;rocket

China Test-fires New Solid Booster for Next Generation Rocket[Jul 09, 2018]

China had successfully finished the first joint hot-fire test of a new solid-fuel booster engine and its servomechanism system, the manufacture said Saturday. With a diameter of two meters, the booster engine is expected to be used on China's next generation medium-sized carrier rocket.


Chinese Scientists Use Sunflowers to Treat Gout[Jul 09, 2018]

A group of Chinese scientists with the School of Life Sciences at Jilin University have extracted new substances from sunflowers to treat gout. They found that the three substances are effective in treating gout, which plagues over 80 million Chinese people.

deep-sea sediment;carbon capture and storage;CCS;carbon dioxide

Burying Carbon Dioxide in Deep-sea Sediments "Safe and Permanent[Jul 09, 2018]

Chinese scientists have found that burying carbon dioxide in marine sediment in deep sea is "generally safe and permanent," giving support to the way to capture and store the green house gas. A team from Peking University explored storing carbon dioxide in deep-sea sediments and found that extreme conditions at the bottom of the ocean help hold the gas in place.

performance evaluation;evaluation system;

Evaluations Aim to Help Innovation[Jul 09, 2018]

To promote innovation, China has launched its most detailed performance evaluation systems so far for talented researchers, institutes and projects. The new systems will also integrate different types of evaluations across various levels, including self-evaluations and institutional, departmental and third-party evaluations, leading to more balanced and objective results.

arsenic-reducing;water filtration;filtration medium;arsenic V;filtration;arsenic

Scientists Make Breakthrough in Arsenic-reducing Filtration Technology[Jul 05, 2018]

A team comprising researchers from China Medical University and the University of Hawaii on Wednesday unveiled their new breakthrough in water filtration technology at the ongoing 7th International Congress & Exhibition on "Arsenic in the environment." They managed to produce a filtration medium which has been certified to effectively reduce arsenic V to below U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) advisory levels of 10 parts per billion (ppb).


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