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China Space Station;CSS;space exploration

Commentary: China's Open, Inclusive Approach to Space Exploration[Jun 14, 2019]

In a tangible step towards openness and international cooperation, China and the United Nations (UN) on Wednesday jointly announced nine international scientific experiments that would be conducted on the China Space Station (CSS). The nine experiments involving 23 entities from 17 countries -- emerging from 42 proposals of 27 countries -- were selected, with six fully and three conditionally.

China Space Station;space station

17 Nations to Join China's Space Station[Jun 13, 2019]

China Space Station is set to welcome aboard nine international scientific projects from 17 countries covering a wide range of research areas. They include space life sciences and biotechnology, microgravity physics and astronomy, the China Manned Space Agency and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs announced on Wednesday in Vienna, Austria.

stroke;monitoring device;blood flow

Chinese Researchers Develop Monitoring Device to Help Doctors Treat Strokes Quickly[Jun 13, 2019]

Chinese researchers have developed a device that uses near-infrared light to diagnose poor blood flow in a non-invasive way, which provides a tool for doctors to treat strokes more quickly. The study reported the hybrid instrument relying on two near-infrared light techniques that can measure blood volume, blood oxygenation and blood flow rate.

China Space Station;int'l experiment

Nine Int'l Experiments Accepted Aboard China Space Station[Jun 13, 2019]

Nine scientific experiments from across the world have been accepted to be conducted on board the upcoming China Space Station (CSS). The six fully and three conditionally accepted experiments involve 23 entities from 17 countries, emerging from 42 proposals tabled by 27 countries. The CSS is expected to be operational around 2022.

China Space Station;scientific experiment;space station

China, UN to Invite 2nd Batch of Scientific Experiments Aboard China Space Station[Jun 13, 2019]

The China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) will invite a second batch of scientific experiment proposals aboard China Space Station at an appropriate time, a Chinese official said here. The two bodies called for the first batch of international experiment proposals last year and announced the results in Vienna on Wednesday, with nine proposals accepted, six of them fully and three conditionally.

scientist spirit;new era;science community;spirit

China to Promote Scientist Spirit of New Era[Jun 12, 2019]

China has launched a campaign to promote scientist spirit and improve the conduct and ethics of the science community. The document called on Chinese scientists to live up to the scientist spirit of the new era, which requires them to be patriotic, innovative, dedicated and cooperative, keep pursuing the scientific truth and stay ready to help younger generations.


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