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manned spacecraft;carrier rocket

New Carrier Rocket Under Development[Nov 08, 2018]

Engineers are developing a new carrier rocket to launch China's next-generation manned spacecraft into low-Earth orbits or as far as the moon. The new rocket, which has yet to be named, is intended for China's future manned space flights, which will be carried out by a new-generation spacecraft, and manned lunar explorations that Chinese scientists have been planning for a long time.

World Internet Conference;digital world;cyberspace

XI Sends Congratulatory Letter to 5th World Internet Conference[Nov 08, 2018]

President XI Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the fifth World Internet Conference, which opened Wednesday in Wuzhen of eastern China's Zhejiang Province. He called for concrete cooperation among different countries to advance mutual trust and collective governance in cyberspace and create a vigorous "community with a shared future in cyberspace."

manned rocket;manned spacecraft;China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition

China Developing New-generation Manned Rocket, Spacecraft[Nov 07, 2018]

China is developing a new-generation manned rocket and spacecraft for its lunar exploration, said an expert at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition. The rocket will be used to fly around the moon in China's manned lunar missions. It will also help astronauts build a moon base with the Long March-9 carrier rocket in the future, said Wang Xiaojun, who is in charge of the rocket system of the Long March-7.

ICG;navigation system

XI Sends Congratulatory Letter to ICG Meeting[Nov 06, 2018]

Chinese President XI Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 13th Meeting of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG), which started Monday in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province. XI said satellite navigation systems are significant space infrastructure and important information guarantee for economic and social development to provide humanity with all-day accurate time and space information service on life and work.

minuscule robot;robot

Scientists Develop Minuscule Robot Able to Drill Through Eyeballs[Nov 05, 2018]

German, Chinese and Danish scientists developed a nanometer-sized robot that can, for the first time, drill through eyeballs without damaging them, with a potential to be used as a minimally-invasive tool for precisely delivering drugs. The study, published in the journal Science Advances, described the propeller-shaped vehicle, 200 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair and even smaller than a bacterium's width.

science city;high-quality research

Beijing First in Rankings of Global Science Cities[Nov 05, 2018]

Beijing ranks in first place in a list of cities that produced the most high-quality research in 2017, and nine other Chinese cities made the top 50, according to the Nature Index 2018 Science Cities, a supplement of the British scientific journal Nature, published on Thursday. The list sorted out and ranked 200 cities worldwide by their 2017 fractional count, a metric for the share of contributions to the authorship of articles in 82 high-quality research journals.


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