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Observation Network for Seas Requires Further Study

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China's undersea observation network in the East China and South China seas requires further study and more experience, according to experts involved in the network development.

Preliminary research and network development started late, which cannot keep pace with the rapid development of the domestic marine industry, said Xu Rendong, the general manager of a marine equipment company involved in establishing the network, Science and Technology Daily reported on Thursday.

U.S. scientists first came up with the idea of establishing an undersea observation network in the late 1990s, but China began basic research work on it in 2005, led by Tongji University, the report said.

In terms of the network's distribution, observation methods, infrastructure, technologies and operational mechanism, there is still a wide gap between China and the developed countries, which requires further research and more practice, Xu said.

China officially approved the plan to build the network in May and will invest 2 billion yuan ($292 million), which will be capable of all-weather and real time HD multi-interface observation from seabed to surface, China Central Television (CCTV) reported in May.

The network is expected to be completed within five years. (Global Times)


(Editor: LIU Jia)



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