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Postdoc Position in Clinical Metagenomics at Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Acute pneumonia is the leading cause of childhood morbidity and mortality, especially in children with an inherited or therapeutically induced immunodeficiency. In a majority of cases, the pathogen(s) responsible for the disease remains unknown even following comprehensive testing.  We assembled a cohort of hospitalized children with community-acquired pneumonia of unknown etiology, immunocompromised or not, and collected blood and bronchoalveolar lavage samples. Using optimized sample preparation, untargeted Next Generation Sequencing and dedicated bioinformatics pipelines, we will identify the viral, bacterial and fungal microbiota associated with disease. We will compare this microbiota in immunocompromised and immunocompetent children. In case of identification of new viruses, we will use molecular tools to get the full viral genome sequence. This clinical metagenomics approach of this very severe clinical condition will pave the way to a better understanding of immunological responses and to a better management of children suffering acute pneumonia. 


We are looking for a skilled and competent molecular biologist with if possible experience in DNA sequencing and interpretation of results of metagenomics data. The position is for 3 years. 

* PhD in microbiology, molecular biology or a similar degree 

* Documented experience with implementation of molecular methods in studies of microbiology (skills in bacteriology and/or virology, quantitative PCR, molecular cloning) 

* Documented experience with independent experimental laboratory work involving microbiology 

* Mastering basic bioinformatics tools would be appreciated 

* Fluent in English 


The application must contain: 

- Curriculum vitae 

- List of publications 

- Motivation for applying 

- Translation of university examinations (in English) 

- Contact details of 2 persons for references  

- Applications should be e-mailed as one pdf-file to marc.eloit@pasteur.fr 

- Position available from January 2019 

For further information, contact farenzan@ips.ac.cn 


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