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Recruitment of CAS Pioneer Hundred Talents Program(B) in Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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I. Brief introduction of recruitment platform and website link

  The Institute of Psychology (IP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the only national institution for comprehensive and systematic psychology research in China. It is home to Chinese Psychological Society. In the reform of “Pioneer Initiative”, the institute has been approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences as one of the first pilot institutes for special needs. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Center (MRIRC) has been put into operation officially since January 2012. The center is equipped with a research-dedicated GE Discovery MR750 3.0T MRI system and various MR-compatible devices. Our center mainly provides services on collecting brain imaging data and developing methods for multimodal MRI analysis and computation. We also conduct training on simulated scanning, experimental and analysis techniques for MRI the human brain. We also aim to provide public education on neuroimaging research. For details, please check out the MRIRC website at http://mri.psych.ac.cn. Inspired by the development of MRIRC, the institute now announces the availability of a Category B “Hundred Talents Program” position for oversea scholar candidates.


II. Job Position

Senior Engineer specialized in MRI Physics or Neuroimaging Methods.


III.Job Responsibility

1.      Supervision of daily maintenance, quality control, and daily operation of MRI equipment.

2.      Be responsible for incorporating or developing new techniques for the MRI system (e.g., MRI scanning sequences / protocols).

3.      Lead the team to apply and secure major funding supports from Chinese Academy of Sciences and other national funding sources.

4.      Establish standards of image acquisition, analysis workflows or pipelines for multicenter collaboration (e.g, on MRI data accumulating and sharing).

5.      Assist the head of the center to integrate the data and computational resource, and construct the data center of comprehensive neuroimaging data.

6.      Provide guidance and training for junior faculty and staffs.

7.      Assist the head of the center on other center-related jobs.


IV. Applicant Qualifications

1.      A doctoral degree in biomedical engineering or nuclear physics or related fields.

2.      Master the key technology of the basic theory on nuclear physics and magnetic resonance imaging equipment. 3+ years working experience abroad in R&D of engineering technology or scientific equipment construction or functional development of equipment.

3.      Able to resolve the critical technical problems of MRI equipment and data acquisition methods, bring technological innovation and make outstanding achievement.

4.      Abide by the academic ethics. Be honest and trustworthy, and conduct rigorous scholarly research.


V. Offer Package (except the unified support from CAS)

1.      Each selected candidate will be recruited as a principal investigator (PI) of the Institute of Psychology, with an initial 5-year contract.

2.      Will be provided with one million RMB for start-up research funding.

3.      According to the regulations of PI system in the Institute of Psychology, the PI can recruit graduate students, postdoc researchers and other contracted assistants to build the PI research team.

4.      Compensation and benefits will be implemented in accordance with Level 4 standard for advanced senior engineer position (comparable to the full research professorship) in the Institute of Psychology.


VI. Application information requirement

1.      Latest Curriculum Vitae.

2.      Recommendation letters from three influential scientists in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (with handwritten signature of the referee). The scanned copy of the signed letter can be sent to zhouzh@psych.ac.cn);

3.      A personal statement describing the past achievements and the future plan on research and team building (less than 3,000 words).

4.      Representative achievements (e.g., selected publications or patents).

5.      Oversea employment verification letter from the current employer.

6.      Certified copy of the doctoral degree.

7.      Other relevant materials deemed necessary by the applicant.


The position will be open until it is filled.

For details, please contact:

Human Resource Office

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100101

Tel: 86-10- 64877250

Email: zhouzh@psych.ac.cn

Contact person: Zhou Zhihong


(Editor: CHEN Xiao)

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