Women scientists and frontiers of sciences

TI – 1A    Life Sciences

        TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

E.W.Njenga – The chemotaxonomy and the biological properties of the genus Eriocephalus L. (Astereaceae)

TI – 2A    Physics, chemistry and mathematics

        TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

        P. Mahadevan – Magnetism where we least expect it

        S.F.A. Ali – Status of Yemeni women in sciences

C.M. Steenkamp – Vacuum ultraviolet laser spectroscopy

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

H.E. Okatch – The role of analytical chemists in the fight against HIV/AIDS

S. Shrestha – Study of electronic transport parameters on heterojunction of AlGaN/GaN, grown on Sapphire: two layer model

G. Birungi – Micro-Emulsion Electrokinetic Chromatography (MEEC) method for determination of microcystins in water

TI - 3      Social sciences and humanities

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

H. Basaleem – Knowledge, attitude and practices of women in childbearing age about selected reproductive health issues in Lahej, Yemen

TI - 4     Earth science and environment

        TWOWS Awardee for Young Women Scientists:

M. Amezcua-Allieri – Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soils: effectiveness and side effects

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

M.N. Wabiri – Variable modeling spatial inequalities: Credibility distribution geostatistics

TI – 14A  Restoration and ecosystems reconstruction

TI – 14B  Restoration and ecosystems reconstruction

TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists

L. Alsaka – Performance comparison of various filters media (sand, crushed marble stone and crushed red brick) in water treatment; Statistical study

TI – 5A    Biochemistry and molecular biology

      TWOWS Awardee for Young Women Scientists:

I.E. Orhan – Studies on cholinesterase enzyme inhibitors from Turkish medicinal plants against Alzheimer’s disease

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

P. Nsamba – Foot-and-mouth disease in southern Africa: Improved control strategies and vaccine matching

TI – 5B    Biochemistry and molecular biology

TI - 6      Genetics and development 

      TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

F. Zeng – Realistic Hopes for Personalized Medicine: Current Progress in Stem Cell Technology

G. Abdel-Salam - Microcephaly and developmental brain malformation: An overview.

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

H. H. Mogesse – Poultry research and development in Ethiopia: Present status and future prospects

TI – 7A    Plants and agriculture

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

U.A. Naher– Effect of root exudate sugars and diazotrophic strains on biological nitrogen fixation in rice genotypes

L. Mwamburi – Biological control of the common housefly (Musca domestica L.) using Bacillus thuringiensis (Ishiwata) Berliner var. israelensis and Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuillemin in caged poultry facilities

TI – 7B    Plants and agriculture

TI – 12A  Nanotechnology and frontier technology

        TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

A. Pelaiz-Barranco – Dielectric relaxation in ferroelectric perovskites

TI – 12B   Nanotechnology and frontier technology

TI – 1B    Life sciences

TI – 1C    Life sciences

         TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

Uchechi Ekwenye – The potential of lactic acid bacteria for the production of safe and wholesome wet corn flour (0GI)

TI – 2B    Physics, chemistry and mathematics

TI - 8      Protein science and health

TI – 9A    Medicine and immunology

        TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists

A. Rivera –Natural zeolite based drugs: current and potential applications

N.A. Ezejiofor – Production of oxytetracycline using streptomyces species from household kitchen waste of agricultural produce (coco yam peels)

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

M.M. Kamatenesi – Nutri-medicinal plants usage in the management of immuno-compromised ailments in Uganda

TI – 9B    Medicine and immunology

TI - 10     Teaching and management science

TI - 11     Computer science and application

TI - 13     Biophysics, bioinformatics and systems biology

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