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General Information
Date and Venue
At the generous invitation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - the Third World Organization
for Women in Science (TWOWS) is pleased to announce that the TWOWS Fourth General Assembly
and International Conference will take place at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC)
Beijing, China, 27-30 June 2010. The International Conference – Women Scientists in a Changing
World - is expected to cover a critical range of socially relevant scientific topics of interest to the
overall objectives of TWOWS.

International Conference: Women Scientists in a Changing World, and TWOWS
Fourth General Assembly (GA) Programme

Refer to tentative programme.
The aims of the Conference are to:
 Explore and identify new dimensions for women's research in science and technology,
education and training
 Identify ways of promoting the involvement of women in harnessing science and technology
for sustainable development.
 Explore opportunities and develop strategies for the participation of women in the
development and utilization of new technologies
 Examine the role and develop strategies for the participation and leadership of women in
national innovation systems
 Explore gender dimensions and effects of scientific and technological research for
 Recognize and highlight the excellent scientific research conducted by women in developing
The aims of the TWOWS Fourth General Assembly are to:
 Determine the future guiding principles and strategies of the Organization
 Discuss and approve the Organization’s programmes for the period 2010-2014.
 Elect a new Executive Board for TWOWS to serve during the period 2010-2014.
The general outcomes of the Conference and General Assembly are to:
 Increase recognition of the scientific and technological achievements of women and their
contribution to emerging areas of importance in development.
 Increase interaction and promoting networking and exchange between women scientists,
including young women scientists, from developing countries.
 Increase assistance to national, regional and international organizations to involve women
scientists in their projects.
 Disseminate information about TWOWS activities
 Increase understanding of the role of science and technology in supporting women's critical
role in sustainable development.

Invitation to the Conference and General Assembly is extended to all members of TWOWS and to
representatives of international organizations and personalities involved in promoting the role of
women in science-based development in the South. Participation in the event is by invitation only.
Leading scientists from developing countries will be invited to present keynote papers, followed by
workshops with papers and discussions on the scientific contribution of women to these critical areas.
Eminent women scientists from the South will present their research work, stressing policy issues
pertaining to the participation of women in science and technology in their countries.

Paper and Poster Presentations

The conference will address the following five themes (TI, TII, TIII, TIV, TV):
TI Women Scientists and Frontiers of Sciences
TII Women Scientists and Global Change
TIII Women, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership Capacity
TIV Gender Mainstreaming in the Global Scientific Community
TV Young Women Scientists Forum
Participants, who have been invited to present papers/posters, have been duly informed in a
personalised invitation letter. Only paper presentations will be published in the conference

Final Registration and Travel

The attached Final Registration Form should be completed in all parts (typewritten in English) and
returned to the Secretariat, TWOWS Beijing Meeting, China, by 30 APRIL 2010 at the very latest.
Participants will be expected to cover their own travel expenses and make their own travel
arrangements to Beijing. Participants should plan to arrive on 26 June 2010, departing on 1 July.
The local hosts will arrange airport pick up (Beijing Capital International Airport to the Continental
Grand Hotel, Beijing). To ensure appropriate airport reception, please provide precise and detailed
arrival and departure information on the attached Final Registration Form.


Participants who have been offered hospitality by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) will be
accommodated at the Continental Grand Hotel, Beijing. The foreseen hospitality will cover
accommodation for five (5) nights, 26 June – 1 July 2010 (inclusive), including meals; hospitality is
not extended to accompanying persons. All other expenses, such as extra nights, phone calls,
laundry etc. must be settled by the participants directly with the hotel prior to departure.
Participants, who have been offered hospitality, have been duly informed in a personalised invitation
Participants covering their own accommodation expenses can contact hotels of their
preference or the Continental Grand Hotel, Beijing directly. Regrettably, neither the TWOWS or CAS
secretariats can make reservations on behalf of participants covering their own accommodation
Continental Grand Hotel, Beijing
No. 8 Beichendong Road, Chaoyang Dist.
Beijing 100101, China
Phone: + 86-10-84985588; Fax: +86-10-84983085; Website: www.bcghotel.com
Please note that the Continental Grand Hotel Beijing is also the conference venue.

Visa Arrangements and Vaccinations

Participants are advised to check with the Chinese consulate/embassy and/or travel agency if there
are any specific medical/vaccination requirements for the purpose of visa application to China.
The Visa Form attached should be clearly completed in all parts and sent to the Secretariat, TWOWS
Beijing Meeting by 30 APRIL 2010

Official Language

The official language of the conference is English.

Further Information

TWOWS 4GA and Conference - C/o TWAS Beijing Office
Bureau of International Cooperation - Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
52 Sanlihe Road, Beijing 100864, P.R. China
Phone: (+86-10)68597220; E-mail: sqfu@cashq.ac.cn, yqiu@cashq.ac.cn, qsun@cashq.ac.cn,
wguo@cashq.ac.cn; Phone: +86-10-68597220, 68597033; Fax: +86-10-68597013;
Website: www.twows.org.cn
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