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Final Programme 27 June 2010

TWOWS Fourth General Assembly and International Conference

Women Scientists in a Changing World


Dates:             27 - 30 June 2010                                             

Venue:             Beijing International Convention Center (BICC), Beijing, China






Friday, 25 June

08:30 – 18:30



The lobby of Beijing Continental Grand Hotel(BCGH)

Saturday, 26 June

08:30 – 18:30



The lobby of BCGH

08:30 – 10:30

K. Jamil

TWOWS Executive Board Meeting [EB members only]

Room NO.308,


10:30 – 10:45




10:45 – 12:30

S. Huyer

National Chapters Meeting [by invitation]

Room NO.308,


12:30 - 14:00




18:30 – 19:30


Dinner hosted by TWOWS Vice President, CAS Member of Presidium Xin Fang

Welcome by Xin Fang – TWOWS Vice President

Wuzhou Restaurant,


20:00 – 21:00


TWOWS Members - Regional Networking Groups [Informal]

Hall 1,BICC

Sunday, 27 June

08:30 – 12:00



The lobby of BCGH

08:30 – 10:10

K. Jamil

Invited Lectures

Hall 1,BICC

08:30 - 09:10


Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor (South Africa)


09:10 - 09:40


US State Department: S.Hrynkow - Women scientists as change agents in a changing world


09:40 - 10:10


L’Oréal-UNESCO Laureate: Esther Orozco – Biological sagacity of pathogens: The biggest challenge to human intelligence


10:10 – 10:30




10:30 – 12:00

Zhizhen Wang

Science Development in China

Hall 1,BICC

10:30 – 11:15


CAS President Yongxiang Lu – Women for science & science for development


11:15 – 12:00


All-China Women’s Federation, (ACWF) – Zhili Chen


12:00 - 13:30






Departure for the Great Hall of the People


15:00 - 17:00

Xin Fang

Opening Ceremony - Great Hall of The People


15:00 – 15:05




15:05 - 15:15


Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS):Yongxiang Lu


15:15 - 15:20


Third World Organization for Women in Science: (TWOWS) K. Jamil


15:20 - 15:25


the academy of sciences for the developing world - TWAS: M.H.A. Hassan


15:25 - 15:50


Chinese State Leader


15:50 – 15:55

K. Jamil

Chinese State Leader medal


15:55 - 16:15


Presentation of TWOWS Awards for Young Women Scientists by the Chinese State Leader


16:15 - 16:20


Elsevier Foundation: D. Ruth


16:20 - 16:25


Ministry Science and Technology of China (MOST): Gang Wan


16:25 - 16:30


All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF): Xiuyan Song


16:30 - 16:35


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO): L. Brito


16:35 - 16:40


Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE):Ji Zhou


16:40 - 16:45


the global network of science academies - IAP: H. Alper


16:45 - 16:50


China Association for Science and Technology (CAST): Nan Deng


16:50 - 16:55


InterAcademy Council (IAC): J. Campbell


16:55 - 17:00


The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality (PGBM): Jinlong Guo


17:00 - 17:05


National Science Foundation of China (NSFC): Yiyu Chen




Remain at the Great Hall of the People


18:00 - 20:00


Reception hosted by CAS President Lu YONGXIANG , with Cultural Programmes, Chaired by Prof. Chunli Bai, Executive Vice President, CAS

at the Great Hall of the People


Monday, 28 June

08:00 - 12:30

R. Diab , S. Malcom, J. Beoku-Betts

TWOWS Fourth General Assembly [TWOWS Members only]

Hall 1,BICC

08:00 - 11:00

R. Diab

President, Vice-Presidents and Members regional reports, TWOWS secretariat report


08:30 – 08:40



K. Jamil


08:40 – 09:00


Asia and the Pacific:

Xin Fang, (Vice President), F. Habib Shah (Member)


09:00 – 09:20


African Region:

D.A. Ighoroje (Vice President), D. Kisamo (Member)


09:20 – 09:40


Arab Region:

R. Abdul Rahman Ismail – Vice President, A. El-Azzouny – Member


09:40 – 10:00


Latin America and the Caribbean:

E. Quiroga (Vice President), Mayra de la Torre (Member)


10:00 - 10:10


TWOWS Secretariat report:

S. Huyer (TWOWS Senior Advisor)


10:10 – 10:30


Comments and discussion from the floor


10:30 - 10:50




10:50 – 11:10


Election Procedure: J. Beoku-Betts


11:10 – 12:05

S. Malcom, J. Beoku-Betts

Presentation by Executive Board candidates

Hall 1,BICC

11:10 – 11:15


Xin Fang, China (President)


11:15 – 11:20


Ameenah Gurib Fakim, Mauritius (President)


11:20 – 11:25


Dolly Ahbor Ighoroje, Nigeria (Vice President, Africa)


11:25 – 11:30


Mekonnen Yalemtsehay, Ethiopia (Vice President, Africa)


11:30 – 11:35


Esi Awuah, Ghana (Member, Africa)


11:35 – 11:40


Nagwa Meguid, Egypt (Vice President, Arab)


11:40 – 11:45


Rokhasana Abdul Rahman Ismail, Yemen (Vice President, Arab)


11:45 – 11:50


Farida Habib Shah, Malaysia (Vice President, Asia and the Pacific)


11:50 – 11:55


Sudha Nair, India (Vice President, Asia and the Pacific)


11:55 – 12:00


Lilliam Alvarez Diaz, Cuba (Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean)


12:00 – 12:05


Mayra de la Torre, Mexico (Vice President, Latin America and the Caribbean)


12:30 - 14:00




12:30 – 14:00


TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae networking session


14:00 - 15:00


F. Habib Shah,

R. Abdul Rahman Ismail

Invited Plenary speakers

Hall 1,BICC

14:00 – 14:20


L’Oréal-UNESCO Laureate: Nagwa Meguid - Recognition of Arab women in science: A model of efforts in human genetics


14:20 – 14:40


L’Oréal-UNESCO Laureate: Ameenah Gurib-Fakim – From the basic sciences to a business model – Case of medicinal and aromatic plants in Mauritius


14:40 – 15:00


L’Oréal-UNESCO Laureate: Grace Olaniyan-Taylor – Twelve years of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science – The achievements


15:00 - 18:00



Conference Themes TI, TII, TIII, TIV, TV (parallel sessions)

TI        Women scientists and frontiers of sciences

TII       Women scientists and global change

TIII       Women, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership capacity

TIV      Gender mainstreaming in the global scientific community

TV       Young women scientists forum


16:30 – 16:50





G. Olaniyan-Taylor

TI – 1A    Life Sciences

        TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

E.W.Njenga – The chemotaxonomy and the biological properties of the genus Eriocephalus L. (Astereaceae)

305A, BICC


L. Alvarez Diaz

TI – 2A    Physics, chemistry and mathematics

        TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

        P. Mahadevan – Magnetism where we least expect it

        S.F.A. Ali – Status of Yemeni women in sciences

C.M. Steenkamp – Vacuum ultraviolet laser spectroscopy

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

H.E. Okatch – The role of analytical chemists in the fight against HIV/AIDS

S. Shrestha – Study of electronic transport parameters on heterojunction of AlGaN/GaN, grown on Sapphire: two layer model

G. Birungi – Micro-Emulsion Electrokinetic Chromatography (MEEC) method for determination of microcystins in water

305B, BICC


J. Beoku-Betts,

Ying Wu

TI - 3      Social sciences and humanities

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

H. Basaleem – Knowledge, attitude and practices of women in childbearing age about selected reproductive health issues in Lahej, Yemen

305C, BICC


David Ruth,

Xiushu Qie

TI - 4     Earth science and environment

        TWOWS Awardee for Young Women Scientists:

M. Amezcua-Allieri – Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soils: effectiveness and side effects

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

M.N. Wabiri – Variable modeling spatial inequalities: Credibility distribution geostatistics



Hongxia Yu

TI – 14A  Restoration and ecosystems reconstruction

302#, BICC



TI – 14B  Restoration and ecosystems reconstruction

TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists

L. Alsaka – Performance comparison of various filters media (sand, crushed marble stone and crushed red brick) in water treatment; Statistical study

303#, BICC



Qi Zhao

TII - 1     Implications of climate change on women

307, BICC


D. Kisamo,

Xiaoying Zheng

TII - 2     Women and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

310#, BICC


F. Habib Shah,

Peilan Guan

TIII – 1AWomen and innovation, entrepreneurship

311A, BICC


Lingan Wu

TIII - 2    Women’s leadership capacity and team building

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

I. Elterafi – Women education and leadership in Sudan

311B, BICC


Shamima Lasker,

Bing Liu

TIV - 1    Empowering women in S&T: trends and gaps

311C, BICC


Darlyn Tagarino,

Lin Tan

TIV - 2    Best practices for inclusion of women in S&T

        IAP Panel: Regional Perspectives on IAC’s Women for Science    Report: Recommendations for the global network of science    academies - IAP

308#, BICC





Tuesday, 29 June

08:30 - 09:30


Co-Chairs: D.A. Ighoroje and E. Quiroga

Invited Plenary speakers

Hall 1,BICC

08:30 – 08:50


Kaiser Jamil, TWOWS President


08:50 – 09:10


Prof. HongyangWang – Biomarkers and targets of HCC


09:10 – 09:30


Prof. Xiaojing Zheng – Women scientists and frontier of sciences


09:30 - 12:30



Conference Themes TI, TII, TIII, TIV, TV (parallel sessions)

TI        Women scientists and frontiers of sciences

TII       Women scientists and global change

TIII       Women, innovation and entrepreneurship, leadership capacity

TIV      Gender mainstreaming in the global scientific community

TV       Young women scientists forum


10:40 – 11:00





A. Gurib-Fakim

TI – 5A    Biochemistry and molecular biology

      TWOWS Awardee for Young Women Scientists:

I.E. Orhan – Studies on cholinesterase enzyme inhibitors from Turkish medicinal plants against Alzheimer’s disease

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

P. Nsamba – Foot-and-mouth disease in southern Africa: Improved control strategies and vaccine matching

305A, BICC


Chengyu Jiang

TI – 5B    Biochemistry and molecular biology

305B, BICC


N. Meguid,

Xiao Yang

TI - 6      Genetics and development 

      TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

F. Zeng – Realistic Hopes for Personalized Medicine: Current Progress in Stem Cell Technology

G. Abdel-Salam - Microcephaly and developmental brain malformation: An overview.

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

H. H. Mogesse – Poultry research and development in Ethiopia: Present status and future prospects

305C, BICC


Xiaofeng Cao

TI – 7A    Plants and agriculture

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

U.A. Naher– Effect of root exudate sugars and diazotrophic strains on biological nitrogen fixation in rice genotypes

L. Mwamburi – Biological control of the common housefly (Musca domestica L.) using Bacillus thuringiensis (Ishiwata) Berliner var. israelensis and Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuillemin in caged poultry facilities

301#, BICC


Xiujie Wang

TI – 7B    Plants and agriculture

302#, BICC


E. Orozco,Xiaohong Fang

TI – 12A  Nanotechnology and frontier technology

        TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

A. Pelaiz-Barranco – Dielectric relaxation in ferroelectric perovskites

303#, BICC


Chibuzo Umeh

TI – 12B   Nanotechnology and frontier technology

307, BICC


Sola Ladokun,

Zhaoli Yan

TII - 3     Crisis, disasters and the role of women

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

B. Naziriwo - Physicochemical parameters and magnetic speciation of iron in Nakivubo Channel and Lake Victoria waters

310#, BICC


Olusola O. Odeyemi

TIII - 3    Entrepreneurship, job, gender

311A, BICC


E. Quiroga,Lixi Zhang

TIV - 3     Actions for women’s education and career development

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

M. Samiji - Gender mainstreaming in the global scientific community: The case of the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

311B, BICC


D.A. Ighoroje

TV - 1     Young women science and engineering

TWOWS Fellowship Alumnae:

M. Konje – Measurement of spatial and temporal variation in forage production by use of remote sensing data (MODIS) and line intercept method in arid and semi-arid shrubland in Succulent Karoo, South Africa

311C, BICC


M. Samiji

TV - 2     Young women’s challenges and opportunities
in a changing world

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

L. Gouba – Why so few women in science and technology? A

perspective of solutions

308#, BICC

12:30 - 14:00




14:00 - 17:00


Conference Themes TI, TII, TIII, TIV, TV (parallel sessions)



Xiuzhu Dong

TI – 1B    Life sciences

305A, BICC



TI – 1C    Life sciences

         TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists:

Uchechi Ekwenye – The potential of lactic acid bacteria for the production of safe and wholesome wet corn flour (0GI)

305B, BICC


Yinglan Zhang

TI – 2B    Physics, chemistry and mathematics

305C, BICC


A. El-Azzouny,Chang Chen

TI - 8      Protein science and health

301#, BICC


R. Abdul Rahman Ismail

TI – 9A    Medicine and immunology

        TWOWS Awardees for Young Women Scientists

A. Rivera –Natural zeolite based drugs: current and potential applications

N.A. Ezejiofor – Production of oxytetracycline using streptomyces species from household kitchen waste of agricultural produce (coco yam peels)

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

M.M. Kamatenesi – Nutri-medicinal plants usage in the management of immuno-compromised ailments in Uganda

302#, BICC


Xiaohang Zhao

TI – 9B    Medicine and immunology

303#, BICC


Yanmei Li

TI - 10     Teaching and management science

307, BICC


Jianqin Mao

TI - 11     Computer science and application

310#, BICC


Hong Zhang

TI - 13     Biophysics, bioinformatics and systems biology

311A, BICC


K. Jamil,

Linxiu Zhang

TII – 4    Women and rural development

TWOWS Fellowship Alumna:

V.K. Kalema – Land-use and land cover changes (1984-2001) and the implications on sustainability of woodland resources in an equatorial African savanna in central Uganda

311B, BICC


Nihad El Chazly

TIII–1B   Women and innovation, entrepreneurship

311C, BICC

17:00 – 17:30




17:30 – 18:50


Closing of General Assembly [TWOWS Members only]

Hall 1, BICC

17:30 – 18:00

K. Jamil

Presentation of the new name and new Statutes: MHA Hassan, S Huyer

Approval of the new name


18:00 – 18:40

K. Jamil / Newly elected TWOWS President

Presentation of newly elected Executive Board by the nominations/elections committee.

Endorsement of the new Statutes: MHA Hassan, S. Huyer


18:40 – 18:50

Newly elected TWOWS President

 TWOWS Statement



Newly elected TWOWS President

Closing of International Conference and Recommendations

[All conference participants]

Announcement of new President by Kaiser Jamil and new EB by New President

Hall 1, BICC



Dinner given by CAST,MOST,CAE,NSFC,PGBM,ACWF,CHAIRED BY Dr. Chen Donghong at Continental Grand Hotel


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